Happy National Walk Your Dog Day

Looking for a way to bring your family closer?? Check out #celebrateeveryday for today February 22 Happy National Walk Your Dog Day!!

Happy National Walk Your Dog Day!!

Hey hey there!!  Today is a fabulous day because the cold weather snap seems to be passing!!  Over here at Pails of Love we are listening to the birds chirp and feeling the sun shine on us!!

Which also means that it is a fantastic day to go outside and walk your dog.  

Okay, okay in all transparency I don’t really know if it’s considered taking your dog for a walk if you go for a run at the dog park everyday but that’s what we do.

When we first got our puppy, if someone opened the door he would tear out of our house like a mad man.  He was constantly running away and it would take us forever to catch him.

It got to the point where all the neighbourhood kids would come running out of their houses to help us catch mr. mad man!!

I am happy to report that the answer to this dilemma actually goes against everything you seem to think would be true.  

The first thing you need to do is get out that pent up energy!! 

So walk walk walk that dog!!

And then take him to a dog park and let him run and run and run. And then run some more!!  When you start doing this consistently you will start to see a total transformation in your pent up little or big ball of energy.  

So let’s find out why today, February 22 is considered a National Dog walking extravaganza.

The information behind this holiday is definitely for our dog lovers!!  National today, shares that it is because these are two of the favourite things in America.  

Having a crazy pooch to love on and getting some heart happy and healthy exercise is a definite win and both things people love.

Apparently we also really really love songs about dogs!!  

As a society, we just love dogs in all forms!! 

So here are the fun facts of the day about National Walking the Dog Day:

IN 1884, the American Kennel Club opens.  Do you know what the American Kennel Club is??  Well, no worries!!  We got you covered.  It is the world’s largest and oldest non-profit pure-breed dog registry ever founded!!  That’s SUPER cool!!

In 1956, our beloved Elvis Presley released the best version song of Hound Dog.  

In 1960, Jim Buck started in New York as a professional Dog Walker!!   We wonder if it would be possible now to still be a professional dog walker and make enough money to live on??

In 1961, the movie 101 Dalmations was released.  And Roger and Anita met and fell in love because of walking their dogs!!

In 1972, the Donny Osmond revived the song Puppy Love. 

I definitely have puppy love for my pup do you??

Want to celebrate Happy National Walk Your Dog Day??

Well, here are some fun activities to do with your family:

-Go for a walk with your pup on a new walking trail you have never been before!! 
-Make some fun treats that are new to give your dog(s) on the walk today (Did you know that February 23 is National Dog Biscuit day??  So come back tomorrow to check out our post for our top fav 3 Dog Biscuits to make!!)

-Visit your local animal shelter if possible and offer to walk some of their dogs!!  They will appreciate it and so will those dogs who aren’t getting the human interaction they so despareatly require and need.  

-End the day and walk with watching 101 Dalmations and make you very own puppy chow!!

This puppy chow recipe was found from All Recipes!!  

Its a super simple and fast puppy chow to make ( just know this is for HUMAN puppies and won’t be a very good treat for your pup!!)

If you like to sneak your pup human food, that we are guilty of we recommend fresh raw vegetables like lettuce or broccoli or carrots, or some meat like chicken, turkey, beef, ham.  (Remember that these are a treat for your dog.  We do not recommend bones unless ones that have been vet approved.  Please always seek the advice of your vet before taking any advice online as what you should do for your pet!!  Sorry disclaimers suck but we are here as a fun and entertainment site and so what we recommend may not be best.  Please always always always check with a vet if you are unsure about what to feed your dog or another animal!!)

If you are a family or individual or couple that loves to go off exploring an app that we can’t get enough of is all trails!!  It is a free app that if you input your information will allow you to find hidden gems near where you live or are visiting.  Be sure to check it out because we think you’ll love it too!! 

Enjoy walking your pooch and have a very Happy National Walk Your Dog Day!!

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