Happy International Dog Biscuit Day

Ready for another #celebrateeveryday?? Well then check out our Happy International Dog Biscuit Day!!

Hey Hey!!

We are back with another super fun#celebrateeveryday international holiday that we just have to talk about.

Yesterday, we had a Happy National Walk Your Dog Day which was pretty cool!!  We hope you got out with your furry doggos for a fun adventure that helped bring a closer and stronger bond between the two of you!! 

Walking outside is great exercise and it is so fun to see what kind of things that excite your pup being in the great outdoors.

If you give us a drumroll please, we will share with you what today is!!

It is February 23rd, 2021. 

What… that wasn’t what you were looking for!?

Okay okay all jokes aside….

Happy International Dog Biscuit Day!!

We almost feel like these days should be switched around because it is always fun to surprise your pups with fun treats especially after going on a fun adventure!!  

But hey, waiting 24 hours isn’t that big of a deal to give your furry four legged friend a treat!! 

So get ready to get busy in the kitchen to make some fun and super simple dog biscuits that you can give to the furry love of your life.

The Blond Cook offers a super simple recipe that our pup with actually eat and she has some pretty awesome add-ins that we think your dog will be sure to love.  

Make sure to head over to her site for more fun recipe ideas.

And then you can also head over to….  WEBSITE to check out not 1, not 2, not 3 but 16 healthy dog treat recipes that you can make.  

Our favourite are the peanut butter bacon, which ones can your furry friend not get enough of??

Or we did a bit of searching and found some super cute online stores that you can get dog biscuit treats from that look yummy enough for a human to eat!!

Ewwww!!  Don’t really do it!!  They are for your pup not you!!

But definitely check them out:

The first one we found is:

We are a sucker for absolutely adorable and cute!!  What we can’t get enough of is the Dog Bakery Online has holiday themed dog biscuits.  Like who wouldn’t want St. Patrick’s Day dog treats, easter dog treats or even spring treats.  But wait they don’t just have dog treats they even have treats for your horse, that are just as adorable.  You definitely can’t go wrong checking out this site!!  And their prices are reasonable too!! 

What caught our attention about these treats were just how brightly coloured and fun they were.  Like hello cute little chickies or pizza treats!!  Woofable uses healthy with no preservatives.  So they are good if you want to actually know what you are giving your pupper for a treat.  They also have a kitty catnip toy which makes our little kitten friends happy too!!  Its super cute!!

Sweet Paws Bakery wins our hearts because they give back to the community in helping local animal shelters in some of their sales!!  We love that their dog treats are all human consumption friendly and then you know that your dog is getting the best that they can.  They don’t just have biscuit treats but cupcakes… or maybe we should say cupcakes as well!!  We just love all that this sweet and cute little store has to offer!!

For our friends up north in good ol’ Canada we have the bone and biscuit store!!  It’s awesome because well our Northern friends deserve some dog loving too!!  And this dog treat store delivers!!  They are literally all over Canada with a ton of locations.  So if you’re Canadian then you’ll want to check them out.

As a word of caution because our furry friends are all different like us humans, please check with your vet before giving your animal anything that isn’t part of their already normal tried and trued diet.  Each animal and pet may have specific health needs and we would hate for your animals to get sick!!  So please take care before feeing your pet anything that you are unsure about.

Now this is the part you definitely have been waiting for isn’t it?!  It’s time to talk about all the fun facts associated with a Happy International Dog Biscuit Day.

Isn’t it fun to know that it was an American Electrician and an Organic Chemist who came up with the absolutely adorable idea of dog biscuit treats and then to think outside the box to shape them like bones!!  It is so fun to know that our professions actually don’t define us and we can develop talents and skills in other areas!!

We hope you have an amazing day drooling over cute dog treats, or making a bit of magic in your kitchen!!

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