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Happy Birthday Edition Don’t Eat Pete

December 29, 2020 in At Home, Birthdays, Last Minute Ideas - No Comments

Ready to rock out another tried and true game your kids will totally adore?? Check out our Happy Birthday Edition Don’t Eat Pete!!

Do you have a kid that loves candy?? Likes to be obnoxiously loud at parties?? And loves playing games??

Well then I definitely have the game for you!!

Have you ever heard of the game Don’t Eat Pete??

I remember playing it once as a child and being terrified!! Insert your snicker here!! Now, it wasn’t because Don’t Eat Pete is a terrifying game by any means!! Far from it!!

I just was a super duper shy kid and so being the center of attention was a hard pill to swallow!!

However, I can’t tell you how any times that we play this as a family because it is A LOT!! Like probably every holiday!! Now you are totally in luck!! Because I am willing to share every Don’t Eat Pete Holiday Edition with you!! So over the next couple of days don’t be surprised when you find a plethora of Don’t Eat Pete games popping up here on Pails of Love!!

We just want to have your back with any holiday or celebration!!

So here it is with all its glory… Happy Birthday Edition Don’t Eat Pete

The best thing about this game is that it has absolutely no prep!!

All you legit need for game pieces is a ton of candy!!

Okay well maybe not a ton… but a fair amount!!

So, if you are wondering what type of candy to use. Here are our ideas below:

  • m and ms
  • skittles
  • Canadian smarties
  • Mike and Ikes
  • Jujubes
  • Fruit flavored marshmallows
  • Macaroons
  • Chocolate Raisins
  • Swedish berries or Swedish fish
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Fuzzy Peaches
  • Starburst

Really, we just love candy!! Yum yum yum!!

But wait!!

If you are not a candy-loving momma or you have kids that are allergic to something in it you can also use things like goldfish crackers, raisins, yogurt raisins, cheerios, chocolate chips, mini erasers, fruit snacks, really you can use anything that is small enough to fit in the squares!! If you run out of ideas just ask your kids they always have super fun suggestions of what they would like to see during the Don’t Eat Pete game!!

If you’ve never played Don’t Eat Pete before, the rules are really simple!!

  1. Have the players help place one candy in each square
  2. Send one player out of the room
  3. Pick one of the squares to be Happy Birthday
  4. Call child back in the room
  5. Don’t tell them the square where Happy Birthday is
  6. The child picks the candy off the squares one at a time.
  7. Your child will continue until they reach the Happy Birthday square.
  8. Once they pick up that candy all the other players yell Happy Birthday

For our Birthday Don’t Eat Pete games, we have both a cutesy theme and dinosaur theme!! So check out our downloadable Don’t Eat Pete at the end of this post!!

Enjoy the game!! And the fun excitement and squeals of delight that come with this Happy Birthday Edition Don’t Eat Pete

Did you love this game?? Let us know in the comments below!! And share any other fun simple birthday games in the comments below!!

Happy Birthday Dinosaurs
Happy Birthday Don’t Eat Pete
Miss. Merry Berry

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