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Halloween Themed Standard Measurement

A couple of weeks ago, here at Pails of Love, we shared our Halloween Themed Non-Standard Measurement. So we thought it was only fair to come back and create a Halloween Themed Standard Measurement with all y’all.

If you’re a little bit confused about the difference between standard and non-standard measurement, it’s okay cause we will explain it here down below.

Standard measurement is when you use an established measurement system put in place to measure length, width, height, weight and so on. Normally its measured with centimeters, inches, millimeters, meters, cups, tablespoons etc.

Non-standard measurement is when you use an everyday object that isn’t used within an established measurement system. This can be a cup, shoe, candy, eraser, or so on. The only catch with using non-standard measurement is making sure that the item(s) are the same size when you go to measure. So if your student is using her shoe, then she couldn’t grab dad’s shoe to measure the item with her shoe. The items that you choose to measure with have to be the same size!!

So now that you know the difference; check out this Halloween Standard Measurement.

You can use mm, cm or inches to measure these cute Halloween pictures.

Aren’t these just the cutest?? Sign up below to grab your FREE printable!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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