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Free Story Time

Do you know the benefits of having your child read to?? Well when you are busy and need to keep your child engaged in a learning environment we are here for you!! Check out our Free Story Time with Miss. Merry Berry and Millie Monster!!

Before we share all our favorite read-alouds let’s chat about why reading is so so important.

The benefits of reading with children vary greatly. Read alouds allow your child to improve their language and listening skills, experience stronger emotional connections to their loved ones, and also helps encourage a lifelong love of reading.

Reading not only produces these positive traits in your child but also encourages:

  • communication skills
  • patience
  • empathy
  • literacy skills which include recognition of sounds and letters
  • wider vocabulary range
  • increased listening skills
  • a greater understanding of how stories work

The website, Reach Out and Read, shares the following:

“When we read with our young ones, we help grow their curiosity and memory. Stories transport them to places and times they have never experienced, enhancing their understanding of the world. Holding a child close while reading can help them manage moments of anxiety and create a positive association with reading that endures throughout their lives.”


So let’s get reading. Check out some of our favorite story read-alouds down below. We can’t wait to read with you and your child!!