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Fourth of July DIY Banner

June 5, 2020 in Fourth of July, Holidays - No Comments

Hey friend, come and sit by me. Lets talk about how you really can create the cutest DIY Fourth of July Banner ever; in less than half an hour!! Because both you and I know that’s about all the time that you have!!

But first off can we talk about how I don’t want you to be me. I know that sounds really funny. But hear me out… because…

I have a sneaky suspicion that you can relate to this on so many levels.

Does your night go a little something like this??

You put your babies to bed. Finish cleaning the house and sit on the couch to relax. Somehow you find yourself scrolling through pinterest or instagram secretly tucking away all those cute ideas you see.

You want to make that cute bandana wreath or that house number planter box but something always seems to stand in your way.

It starts with a P…

It’s that sneaky bug called perfectionism. Somehow you start projects or finish them and because they don’t look just right you abandon ship or give them away.

And then the holiday rolls around and you have nothing to show for it. No cute DIY Fourth of July Banner. No cute punny gift for your child’s teacher at the end of the year… because somehow you feel like, your project, didn’t quite measure up or that it just wasn’t as cute as the one you saw on Pinterest.

Ack!! Can you pinky promise me that we are going to stop this craziness because we deserve a cute happy home that smiles back at us because lets face it we really do have the cutest style!!

So without further ado, lets talk about how to create this DIY Fourth of July Banner.

There really aren’t too many items that you will need for this project. And if you are anything like me than you probably have everything you need already at home. If not don’t worry I’ve got your back and will provide links to where you can find these items!!

You’ll Need:

-DIY Banner Printable (find at the end of this post)
– Rick Rack or ribbon (In the colors Red, White, and Blue)
-Sharp Scissors
-Oh, and last but definitely not least a single hole punch

So, once you have downloaded the printable you’ll want to print it out on white card stock!!

(You really could use your regular printer paper but I have found that your work is wasted because you can’t reuse it for next year because the paper crumples or rips because you have little hands that are very well-meaning but not as gentle as they could be that love to help cut or hole punch or hang…)

Now that it’s printed out get a pair of sharp scissors and cut out all those. triangles without going cross-eyed!!

Now if you only remember one thing from this whole post it’s this!! When you go to hole punch your triangles you want to make sure that you are hole punching in the corners of your triangles at the top. You’ll want to make holes that are close to the edge of each corner but not so close that they could rip when you go to thread them.

I learned the hard way about this… a total head smack moment… but I ended up hole punching my first banner in the middle and the triangles didn’t sit properly and the garland strand looked a little wonky and lopsided.

My OCD tendencies decided to make an appearance and I had to reprint my banner triangles. Lesson learned. Don’t watch a cute chick flick while hole punching your banner late at night…

Now the last step is to thread your garland. Going back to my ocd… I don’t like when my string or twine shows on my banners. So in order to hide most of the twine what I will do is thread my triangles so that it is hidden behind. To do this you’ll want to thread your triangle from the top starting on the left hand side. You will pull your string along the back. when you get to the hole on the right hand side you will thread it from the back to the front.

Now with all these instructions, you are probably thinking well how long do I make my garland length. I like to leave my twine attached and place all my banner pieces on before cutting it. I usually leave about an inch and a half on the ends of each side of the twine to tie it. If i had to guestimate how much twine you need I would say about 6 feet.

Now that you’ve got your banner strung, you can add some rick rack or ribbons on your banner to jazz it up a little bit.

The best way to do this is to tie the ribbons and strings in between the triangles. You can do it every single triangle, every other one, or just in random spots.

You’ve done it!! In less than half an hour you’ve created a cute DIY Fourth of July Banner that took you 30 minutes or less… unless you’re like me and had to redo it!!

Enjoy your independence day!! Happy Fourth of July!!

July 4th Polka Dot Banner
Miss. Merry Berry

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