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Father’s Day Questionnaire

June 22, 2020 in Father's Day, Holidays - No Comments

Looking for a way to celebrate those men in your life who are heroes?? Let them know how their littles think about them with this sweet Father’s Day Questionnaire.

What I absolutely adore about Father’s Day is being able to celebrate the special men who seem to stand on the shoulders of giants in our lives.

There are several men who always do the best for their families and definitely deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Because we love to remind our dads why they are loved and special to us we have provided a Superhero Father’s Day Questionnaire!!

Some of the quotes that we absolutely adore around superheroes that you can use this Father’s Day are:

  • daddies are superheroes in disguise
  • I know a superhero we call him, daddy
  • who needs a superhero when you have a dad
  • some superheroes don’t wear capes, they are called daddies

As a woman, one thing I have loved is watching.

Quietly watching.

The looks of delight on the faces of these little people who absolutely adore their dad.

They love that he pulls them in their sled in the freezing cold.

The satisfied look of little girls who slather lotion all over his arms and feet. Even though it smells like peaches or flowers.

When he lays on his stomach and becomes a rolling log that the children try hard not to fall off.

The gentle and tender care of a tough strong man. Who tenderly cradles a child’s hands in his. As he slowly warms them when they have frozen from being outside too long.

His smile and his eyes full of love for these children who absolutely adore him.

There are times where dads can’t always be physically there or around. Because of jobs that take them far away. Or work hours that keep him gone. But what my children constantly remind me is that the small things always matter.

Despite the time that passes they remember. They will always remember who loved them and the care and concern that a father has for his littles.

Happy Father’s Day to those men who truly stand on the shoulders of giants. Share this Father’s Day Questionnaire to remind those men in your life that they are truly cherished and adored.

Super Hero Father’s Day Questionnaires
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