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Father-Son Repairs Activity

Trying to figure out a new or different activity to keep that son of yours busy?? Check out this invaluable father son repair activity that will be a hit!!

Have you ever noticed that when you start on a home repair project there always seems to be little eyes and hands in the way??

When they don’t seem to be asking to help…

they are instead rifling through your tool box…

trying to find a tool to mimic what you are doing!!

When I think back to the time when I was little I remember loving the time I spent with my dad as he taught my brother and I to mud!!

Father-Son repairs Activity

So if you have a boy, a little man, in your life that loves to get down and dirty!! And always is in the midst of your home repair projects then you’ll want to keep reading!!

One day sooner or later that little man is going to grow. And being able to arm him with valuable skills that will, later on, help him in his life will be a definite win!!

So you may be wondering what kind of home project repairs that you can get those little hands helping you on!!

Well, not to worry, because we have your back!!

12 Home Repair activities to do with your son (or any kid)

After some research and speaking to our friends and family about what home repairs they let their kiddos help out with we have come up with a list of 12 ideas!!

  1. Replace the furnace filter
    There is something absolutely satisfying when you make sure that you are changing your furnace filter on a regular basis. When we change ours I make the kids come to look to see how much dirt and fur gets sucked out of the air!! It allows us to teach them to be grateful for a working furnace that heats our home and keeps dirt, dust, and dog hair out of the air. Invaluable skill #1!!
  2. Hang pictures
    It’s embarrassing to admit how many pinholes may or may not be in our walls because of my lack of picture hanging skills. When a picture doesn’t sit right I will continue to pin and repin and repin some more!! Insert a head smack here. So having this invaluable knowledge will surely be a winning trait to have when your kiddo is older!!
  3. Fix squeaky doors
    Knock on wood we haven’t had squeaky doors here yet!! However, we have had issues with door holes getting too big and having doors fall off their hinges. So making sure that those doors are hanging straight and not squeaking is definitely another invaluable skill to have!!
  4. Tighten the cabinet and drawer hardware
    Recently, we may have had a child pull off one of the kitchen cabinet handles. We didn’t think she was Hulk but she seemed to prove us wrong so another great repair skill to learn is this one!!
  5. Paint a room together
    A family I used to babysit for when I was younger would specifically every three years host a weekend that they would let their kid pick their bedroom theme and colors. They would go buy the paint together, any supplies needed along with the room decor and spend the time redoing it!! These are still magical moments these grown up kids still talk about!!
  6. Paint the mailbox
    Another painting project that sometimes needs to get done around the house is the mailbox!! Somehow there always seems to be times when rust sneaks onto it which creates a real eyesore!! It’s a quick and fun project to get those little hands involved in!!
  7. Construct a kid sized work bench
    There is something so absolutely satisfying about creating your own wood project!! Whenever you look at that finished project you create causes feelings of satisfaction anytime you look at it!! So why not create that satisfaction in your little one as well??
  8. Build a treehouse
    The same family that let their kids plan out their bedrooms also spent the time building a treehouse!! It lasted 12 years before they ended up taking it down!! And the kids again expressed the magic and memories that came from not only playing in that tree. But also in the building and repairing they did with their dad!!
  9. Change a bike tire
    I am embarrassed to admit that I still haven’t mastered this yet!! And I still struggle to even pump up the bike tire. Enough said. Teach your kid
    bike repair!!
  10. Clean the drains
    This is a fun activity that can double as a science experiment. It uses all household supplies. All you need is some baking soda, vinegar and hot water!! Pour a bunch of baking soda down the drain. Add some vinegar until it bubbles and let it sit for 15 minutes before you rinse with hot water!! Bam!! Science and repairs all in one!! We love it!!
  11. Build a shelf
    Another extremely helpful skill to learn is to build a shelf!! It allows your kiddo to learn the skills of using drywall anchors. How to install them correctly and use a level!! All very useful skills!!
  12. Make them your repair assistant for a more complicated project
    If you have a more complicated project to complete it would be worth it to have them be your assistant. They can help you reach your tools and pass them as needed. They can learn just by watching and spending time with you. Another invaluable skill and memory that they wouldn’t change for anything!!

Father-Son Extra Repair Activities

Just in case those repair projects go a lot faster than you originally planned we have added some fun handyman challenges in our printable that you will want to check out!!

A fantastic resource we absolutely love and adore for finding other repair ideas is

We recommend you check it out for more inspiration!!

They range from naming a tool while blindfolded, going on a tool hunt and pounding nails into a board as fast as you can!!

For snacks for this activity, we thought the best ones would be ones that you can eat on the go!! Sunflowers, bits and bites, or a homemade nuts and bolts recipe is a definite win for this activity!!

The recipe found included in our printable is the Nuts and Bolts recipe found on

photo credit: once upon a chef

If you loved her nuts and bolts recipe you can check out more of her recipes at her website!!

So now that we’ve got you thinking all about your home repair projects!! Download our printable and get those little hands to work!!

Also let us know in the comments below any other home repair ideas that we may have forgotten!! Enjoy the home repair!!

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