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Father-Son Dart Night

Got cabin fever?? Or have the stuck at home blues?? Well turn that frown upside down and check out this Father-Son Dart Night created just for you!!

One thing that we absolutely have to give kids kudos for is their interest and desire to try activities that are new!! An activity that some little birds told us they were dying to try was darts!!

So if you have a dartboard lying around at home, or know someone you can borrow one off of you’ll want to grab it!!

Or want to buy one?? You can order our favorite one, which is the Soft Tip Dart Board!!

We created this dart activity with those sporty dads and sons in mind!! Or those who want to throw some darts around and have a good time!!

so without further ado, lets get started with all the info you’ll need…

For this Father-Son Dart Night

Like all our other one-on-one parent child activity nights you will find included in our printable a specially designed invite to give to your son!!

We suggest hiding the invite in a clothes drawer, taping it to their door, or hiding it under their pillow!!

Now that the day and time is set, let’s move on how your dart night can play out!!

But wait, if you are a total novice to the game of darts don’t worry because we were too!!

After using our best friend Google, we found a website called Darts Dojo!!

It gives the ultimate low down on what beginner dart throwers need to know!! So if you are wanting some tips on how to throw darts, which finger technique to use, or which stance to take go to Darts Dojo!!

Now that we have the activity figured out let’s move on to the snacks for dart night!! .

We are on a kid mocktail kick so here is another one we are excited to share!!

Savor the Flavour shared this yummy mocktail called Roy Roger’s Cola. So if you love Coca Cola, grenadine, and cherries then you’ll definitely want to check it out!!

This mocktail recipe is also found in our download but we always like to share our recipe love with you when we find gems!!

The other snack that we thought would be great to have is salted mixed nuts, pretzels or even sunflower seeds!!

We love the sweetness of the Roy Roger’s Cola and the salty mix of the other treats!! We are sure that they will be a big hit!!

The last idea that we will share with you in reference to this Father-Son Dart Night is some fun dart games or challenges that you can play.

Again in our printable you will find 5 challenges!!

These include balloon darts, throwing darts blindfolded, and some super simple dart games!! We promise that these games are a total blast whether you’re a beginner or an expert!!

The dart game ideas found in the printable come from Darts Guide!!

And if you are looking for a ton more fun games to try then you’ll want to head over there!!

They have 17 game ideas posted to truly make your dart day or night special and one that will be a lot of fun!!

So now that this whole Father Son Date Night is planned out, get to it and enjoy that time with your special little man!!

Now let us know, do you have a favorite dart game, challenge or idea that we haven’t shared?? Tell us in the comments below!!

Ps. The Dart Master Sean shared with us his super amazing dart website!! He even has how to play Mickey Mouse Darts… totally singing to our Disney Lovers hearts over here!! Check out his website for more super fun ideas!!

Father-Son Dart Night
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