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Fall Inspired Care Package

Are the summer days starting to fade away and autumn is calling?? We get that it’s hard to say goodbye to summer!! So why not celebrate the seasons change by sending a fall-inspired care package!!

Hey there!! Are you a sucker for puns??

I sure am!!

I am also a lover of dad jokes through and through!! They are absolutely the perfect amount of groan worthy fun while being simple and clean in their fun!!

Autumn always brings a warmth and magic to it and while those Summer days will be sadly missed, we just hope this pun will make up for it!!

You can beleaf us or not when we say we love this fall-inspired care package…

Because we know how special it would be for your loved one to get a package letting them know…

“I’m falling for you!!”

So jump on the autumn train and come check out our top 5 favorite fall items that you can include in your care package!!

  • Blanket Scarf– Fall means colder weather. Colder weather means more layers. More layers mean cute scarves to add to your outfit!!
  • Indoor S’more maker- saying goodbye to the yumminess of smores is no longer!! Now you can get your very own indoor s’more maker… or hey, you can just take a marshmallow and heat it over one of your stove elements…just sayin’
  • Candles– nothing says fall like warm sweaters, books, and candles burning!! Seriously check out the cuteness of these candles… or better yet jump aboard our Bath and Body Works Craze and check out their goods…. we promise you won’t be sorry!!
  • Puma Socks- I used to hate socks and then was introduced to Puma. I feel like I need a hallelujah chorus here. I am now a sock convert!! I love love love puma socks. And fall is always a perfect excuse to get some new ones!!
  • Pumpkin Spice– It’s pumpkin spice season enough said!!

We hope that this care package will bring your loved one tons of love and fall fun!!

Happy pumpkin spice season!!

Leaf Care Package
Miss. Merry Berry

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