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Don’t Eat Santa

Are you ready to hear peals of laughter in your home?? Rather than the question of when will Santa get here?! Then check out our game of Don’t Eat Santa!!

Sometimes, I think as adults we forget the excruciating slowness of a clock.

Is it time for bed yet is not usually a sentence you will hear your child ask. But Christmas seems to change that!!

When Christmas Eve rolls around it seems like the kids that I hang out with seem to want to know when bedtime is as soon as the day begins!!

9 am comes…

10 am….

then 11 am…

And they are going stir crazy. So, rather than letting them fixate on when bedtime will roll around hit them up with a game of Don’t Eat Santa!!

I am not entirely sure why but my kids think it is the funniest thing to yell Don’t Eat Santa!!

They love this and play it on and off all day long!!

For Don’t Eat Santa we scored and found some fun mini chocolate chip cookie cereal that we used!!

Other times I even allowed the kids to help me make some mini cookies just to play the game again!!

Time distracted from asking when is bedtime and a way to connect and have fun together!!

It’s a total win!!

Need the rules here they are:

  1. Have the players help place one candy in each square
  2. Send one player out of the room
  3. Pick one of the squares to be Santa
  4. Call child back in the room
  5. Don’t tell them the square where Santa is
  6. The child picks the candy off the squares one at a time.
  7. Your child will continue until they reach the Santa square.
  8. Once they pick up that candy all the other players yell Don’t Eat Santa!!


Quick download Don’t Eat Santa below!! And save yourself some sanity!!

Don’t Eat Santa
Miss. Merry Berry

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