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Dollar Store Toddler Date Shopping Spree

Dollar Store Toddler Date Shopping Spree!! Don’t these words just make you absolutely jump for joy?? So if it does and you know a toddler or kid that loves the dollar store than this is for them!!

We originally created this date for those little pumpkins who are around the two, three, or four year old mark…

But, we also think that this could be a great date for any kiddo that needs some just one on one time, who either loves gifts or shopping!!

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the Dollar Tree, Dollar General or even the dollar spot at Target?!

Let’s be real, we all LOVE a great deal!!

And I’m thinking that our toddlers are no different.

It is never too early to start one on one parent child dates with your kids!!

So this one is definitely for those toddlers in your life who are just learning the laws of the land and how the world around them works.

I remember when I had little feet that pitter pattered around my house that one thing they absolutely loved to do was go to the dollar store and pick out a treat!!

We don’t have Dollar General where we live which is a total bummer.

And we also don’t have Target.

Another total bummer.

But hands down we absolutely love the Dollar Tree.

We spend way too much time there!! And probably way too much money if we are being totally transparent.

But we also have made some of the cutest crafts ever so really we can’t complain!!

And guess what, we will be sharing those holiday Crafts in the near future that we are sure you will love too!!

But let’s get back to talking about this Dollar Store Toddler Date Shopping Spree!!

A necessary skill that little people need to be able to develop is choice.

Being able to choose between two things.

Sometimes, it is so hard to pick. Because really you just want both so bad.

My kiddos have definitely struggled with this and tears have been shed about not being able to get that thing they so desperately wanted.

Because they got something else they wanted more.

And as a momma it kinda breaks your heart a little.

So let’s have some fun in teaching them some life skills and have a total blast while doing it.

To complete this Dollar Store Toddler Date Shopping Spree we came up with a fun printable, a shopping list, some journal or scrapbook stickers and a journal page!!

This toddler date is definitely for that girly girl you know!!

So get her dressed up in a princess dress, a tiara, some fun kid shoes and march her down to the dollar store to go shopping!!

Our toddler shopping list includes:

  • something they need
  • can use
  • will wear
  • will eat
  • something they want
  • a present they can give someone else

Let’s be honest shopping therapy can be a lot of fun no matter how old we are.

But what we love the most about going shopping is finding cute items for the special people in our lives!!

Allowing your toddler to make choices about what she or he wants to buy will be super empowering!!

And it is so fun to see how their little brains tick and work!!

And also the items they come up with.

Usually we plan fun snacks for this date but having the option to choose their snack in the store will be enough of a wait just to get back to the car to eat it!!

So chalk that up to a win!!

Really, there isn’t too much to say about this date other than your toddler will absolutely love it!!

So get dolled up and head out the door Fancy Nancy Style for a Dollar Store Toddler Date Shopping spree she is sure to absolutely love!!

Dollar Store Toddler Date
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