Dollar Store Name Game tweens and teens Date

Looking for a fun last minute parent child dates to do with your tweens and teens?? Look no further because we have a dollar store name game tweens and teens date that they are sure to love!!

We originally were inspired by Marissa and Brookie who decided to do this name game at three different stores!!

They are adorable sweet cute girls who have a super family-friendly channel that you and your kiddos are sure to love!!

Before we continue explaining this dollar store name game tweens and teens date…

we just want to make sure that it is understood that the best children to do this date with are the ones with who you as a parent feel comfortable not having your child with you in sight the entire time.

So the way that this name game works is to first use your name or a nickname that has an equal amount of letters to your name to buy items at the store.

My name Hadlee has six letters and most of my kiddos have four, five, seven, or eight haha!!

So to make it fair for this game we used either nicknames that have the same amount of letters as the other person.

Or, another way to do the race is to use your first name and then add your initials of middle names at the end to even it out!!

Get creative!!

In our printables, you will find hello my name is cards to cut up and write down the letters you are all using so that it is easier to keep a track of what’s going on during the race!!

So the rules of this name game challenge are simple…

Find an item that starts with the letter you are on of your name. But the challenge is to beat the person you are racing against.

It’s kind of confusing to explain so let’s use my name for an example:

H-find a hat, or a hook, or a hairbrush
A- find airpods, or apple, or airheads
D-find a drink, a dream catcher or a…..
L- find lip stick, or lids, or a light
E- find earrings…

It sounds really fun!! But it literally I think is harder when you get in the store and you are trying to beat the other person!!

A tip we noticed with Marissa and Brookie when they were doing the challenge is to grab a basket or cart at the beginning!!

Because, it is hard to hold everything in your hands and think at the same time when you literally are racing against the time!!

We absolutely love the simplicity of this date!!

If you are looking for a snack or treat to go with this amazing Dollar Store Name Game tweens and teens Date is to grab your favorite candy at the dollar store after you finish your race!!

Dollar Store Name Game

Ps. If you love this date idea then be sure to check out our

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