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DIY Dirt Pudding

October 12, 2020 in Halloween, Holidays - No Comments

Is Halloween just days away?? Or are you looking for a ghoulish treat?? Or just wanting to play a trick on your kids?? You’ll definitely want to check out our DIY Dirt Pudding

During one of our Family Movie Nights, we decided that we wanted to really take our Zombie Movie Night to the next level and make DIY Dirt Pudding.

Now please know that this dessert is not for the faint of heart!!

But… it is definitely a dessert you’ll want to try at least once!!

We don’t necessarily know why but kids are usually either totally enthralled with this DIY Dirt Pudding.

Or absolutely disgusted by it!!

We had to giggle when our kids didn’t take to it as well as were hoping…

They actually refused to eat it!!

Because ewwww who in their right mind would eat worms!!

Now we know that this is a super popular dessert and lots of recipes are floating across the web on how to make this yummy creepy treat!!

But, because we wanted to keep our DIY Dirt Pudding super simple you will only need 3 ingredients using this recipe!!

Okay, well maybe actually four if you are making your pudding from scratch!!

You will need milk, chocolate pudding powder, gummy worms, and oreo cookies!!

Now before we make our recipe we suggest that you only use regular gummy worms!!

We thought that we could use those sour sugary gummy worms that you can get…

Only to learn that they turn slimy when left in the pudding!!

So unless you want to take your DIY Dirt Pudding up a grossness factor then you might want to leave them out!!


  • Box of Oreo Cookies smashed
  • Chocolate Pudding Mix
  • Milk
  • Gummy Worms
  • Candy rocks (optional)
  • Fake flowers (optional)


  1. First things first, you’ll want to take your oreo cookies and crush them up.

We either put our oreos in a ziploc baggie and smash them up. Or you can put them in a bowl and smush ’em up that way!!

Don’t get too finicky about how fine your cookies are. They will be the top layer. They are there to add depth and dimension for your dirt so having different sizes and shapes will help!! A lot!!

2. Next you’ll want to take and make your chocolate pudding!!

When you have made your pudding you will want to put it in the container you will be using to present this dessert!!

3. Then, you’ll take and place your gummy worms in the pudding.

We like to leave some peeking out and then bury the rest in the chocolate pudding!!

4. Once you have added your gummy worms you’ll sprinkle your smashed up Oreo cookies on top!!

5. This is an optional step but you can add candy rocks on top or even fake flowers as another fun element to this disgusting dessert!!

And there you have it a frightfully disgusting DIY Dirt Pudding to use on Halloween night or in our case for a fun Family Zombie Night!!

Or heck try this recipe out for April Fools!!

Was your dessert as well received as ours was?? Let us know your kids’ reactions to it!!

We are absolutely thrilled to hear how your DIY dirt pudding goes!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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