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DIY Candy Bar Poster

November 18, 2020 in Birthdays, Holidays - No Comments

Looking for a new way to celebrate a birthday in your home?? Check out how to create your own DIY candy bar poster to surprise that special someone!!

Growing up I had a friend whose family I absolutely adored!! They had a lot of kids and not a ton of money!! And yet they were some of the most happiest and most creative kids I have ever met!!

One birthday I received a Sweet 16 First Aid Kit for my birthday from her, and another time a candy jar with a cross stitch lid that said “friends forever!!”

This family truly taught me to think outside the box when it came to giving and I have been grateful for the fun tips and tricks I have learned from their family along the way!!

One such gift that has been a popular hit with family and friends has got to be the Candy Bar poster!! Which I also learned from this fun-loving family!!

So, have you ever heard of a DIY candy bar poster before??

If not you’re in for an awesome treat!!

Think of it like an over-sized card that uses candy bars to make fun puns and sentences.

You can tell that special person exactly what you think of them!!

So, if we have you convinced that you want to make your own you’ll need just a couple of things 7-8 candy bars, a sharpie marker and some poster board!!

We recommend first writing out your poem on notebook paper before you put it on your poster!! Just so there are no typo mishaps!!

Once you have your poem all figured out just write it on your poster and tape those candy bars on down!!

Share your creation with that special someone you love!!

Share in the comments below how your candy posters turned out we would love to hear from you!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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