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DIY Birthday Care Package

Looking for a way to celebrate your loved one’s birthday despite being far away?? Check out this post on how to create your own DIY Birthday Care Package!!

Often I have been asked what I would prefer: dating someone long distance or someone in the same town as me. And the answer astounds people.

I absolutely, hands down, love dating someone long distance. Believe me when I say it has its draw backs but there are so many pros that outweigh the cons.

The pros will definitely be a post for another day!! But today we are going to talk about a major con of long distance.

Sometimes, when big events like birthdays and holidays come around you just can’t be together. And that mega sucks!!

Because let’s be honest, what you want more than anything else is to be with that special person you love.

But when there is a will there is a way. You might not be there in person but you can definitely send your love!!

And one of those ways is to make a birthday care package!!

Consider it a birthday in a box!!

If you haven’t heard of care packages before it is rather simple!!

You grab a box, any ol’ box and use our fantastic printable to decorate it!!

And then you can fill it with whatever your heart desires!!

If you are a little OCD, I mean cute, and like to stick to a theme you could fill it with all things birthday!!

How to make your own DIY Birthday Care Package

Some of those birthday items could include:

  • birthday cake oreos
  • fun flavored pop tarts
  • birthday cake goldfish crackers
  • birthday cake bear paws
  • birthday cake protein bars
  • birthday cake flavored cereal
  • birthday cake mix and icing
  • cupcake liners
  • candles

really you can go to town and have so much fun finding everything birthday themed!! It is a fun surprise to go to the store and see all that you can find!!

This year I went in a bit of a different route with my birthday care package!! I decided to take my Happy Birthday Candy Poster and cut it up into puzzle pieces and send it in the mail!!

In keeping long-distance relationships alive the small things definitely matter!! So we hope that you take a little bit of extra time to print off this cute birthday printable, decorate a box and send it to your loved one!!

We know that it is super appreciated!!

We love to hear from our readers, Let us know in the comments below all about the fun birthday theme items that you find!!

Happy Birthday Care Package Printables
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