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DIY Apple Turkeys for Kids

November 19, 2020 in Holidays, Thanksgiving - No Comments

Looking for a quiet activity to keep your kids close and entertained while you make your Thanksgiving feast check out these DIY Apple Turkeys for Kids.

I recently had a conversation that went like this…

I did Thanksgiving wrong.

You did what?

I did Thanksgiving wrong!!

Is there a special way Thanksgiving is supposed to go??

And apparently this is when this poor momma shared her heavy heart and just how she was feeling.

Yeah Thanksgiving is a time to wear your fat pants, eat too much, be with the people you love and just be present. And I didn’t do that!! I was overbooked, overscheduled and had absolutely no time to be with my family. Despite the fact that we were together the WHOLE weekend.

Present. That was the word that changed my whole take on Thanksgiving.

The reason that Thanksgiving is so magical and desireable and one to cherish is because families are together and present.

Phones being put away or hidden out of sight. And family is together.

So what does that have to do with DIY Apple Turkeys for kids??

Well if your kids are like ours in any way which we are assuming they are. Always helping!!

And sometimes, just sometimes, their little hands can’t quite keep up with what you are trying to do.

This is where this sweet little treat comes in. Keep those little people in the room, communicating, with you and enjoying each others.

Everyone able to be present.

To make these DIY Apple Turkeys for Kids you will need:

  • Your favorite type of apple (one for each little person)
  • Mini mult-colored Marshmallows, Jujubes, Candy Corn and or Mike and Ikes (really you will want any bright colorful candy for decorating the Turkey’s Tail, wattle and beak with).
  • Chocolate Chips (for the turkey’s little eyes)

Now that you have your supplies for you apple turkeys let your kids go to town!!

Show the kids how to push the toothpicks into the apple. One the toothpicks are in the apple they can start to add their candies!!

Now that the tails are done have your little people poke two holes in the opposite side of their turkey for the eyes.

Add a beak and wattle!!

And there you have it!!

Apple Turkeys!!

One more story because truthfully we love telling stories!!

After Thanksgiving was done and cleaned up we encouraged our little ones to eat their apple Turkeys.

The school aged kids dug into theirs secretly excited to be digging into a candy stash they didn’t realize they had. But the youngest of all quietly sat there with tears rolling down her face.

Sobbing even more when asked what was wrong.

I can’t eat my unicorn Turkey!!! He is special to me!!

That was a good reminder for us adults in the room that holiday activities don’t have to be over-planned or picture-perfect.

To the smallest of hands, magic comes from the celebration of creation, and being with family and friends.

Planning on making your own DIY Apple Turkeys for kids?? Share your creations in the comments below!!

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