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Daddy Daughter String Art Date

Have a hammer and nails lying around and some embroidery thread?? Check out this Daddy Daughter String Art Date!! It will up your game for that special one on one time!!

Hands down, I have to be honest and say that I have a love-hate relationship with string art!!

I love it because it is absolutely beautiful when it is completed!!

But hate how sore my arms get from all the pounding and hammering you have to do!!

So the tip we will give right off the bat before introducing this Daddy-Daughter String Art date is just know that daddy probably will be doing most of the hammering!!

Now, if you are looking for an arm workout and are ready for the burn, keep reading below!!

For the best Daddy-Daughter String Art date ever!!

If you haven’t heard of string art before!! The idea is super simple!!

What you will do is find a template that you like!! We suggest that if this is your first string art project you start out with a simple shape.

We adore this string art project, by Feels Like Home Blog, who was an absolute beginner!! She shares a whole bunch of useful tips, hints, and tricks!! So if you are a beginner too then you’ll want to head on over there and check her out!!

Pinterest has a ton of ideas to get started on a string art!! But this could also prove to be an opportunity for daddy and daughter to spend time together picking out what is special to them!!

We don’t want to leave you hanging with having to scour google and the internet for string art projects. So you can head on over to Decor Home Ideas, who provides links to 30 free string art patterns to choose from!!

For this Daddy-Daughter String Art date it a simple activity with not a lot of advanced prep work or planning!!

All you will need to grab ahead of time is embroidery thread (or yarn if you follow the advice from Feels like Home Blog), nails, and a piece of wood.

To make this daddy daughter special we thought thae best way to give this invitation would be to tie it on her door. You could add some embroidery thread, nails or yarn to it. Or even go all out and buy her a girly hammer that will be perfect for this date!!

If you want snacks we tried to keep with the string theme and provided a ton of string food ideas from string cheese, Twizzler pull n’ peel, to donuts on a string.

Say what!! You haven’t heard of donuts on a string before?! Well, then you are definitely in for a real treat!!

All you will need to do is take a rope and tie it to two trees. You will take and tie a ribbon to a donut!! You will need one donut per player.

You will then have the player stand underneath the rope and tie the ribbon holding the donut just above the height of the player so they can reach it with their mouth.

The rules are then, without using hands on the count of three see who can eat their donut the fastest. The trick is you can’t let it fall off the string!!

In between, all of the string snacks, the donut on a string game, and string art we believe this will provide hours of fun. (Maybe a little bit of frustration too… but we promise the end result and special quality time and bond will be worth it!!)

If you are new to Pails of love, you’ll want to read this so you understand what is included in this printable pack. If you already know then you scroll to the bottom of this post and download our free printable. In our printable, you will find an invitation to give your child. Some scrapbook or journal stickers, and a journal page. You’ll also find a list of string themed snacks and the rules to play the donut on string game!!

We hope this date provides an amazing time for you and your daughter!! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of the daddy-daughter date was!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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