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Daddy-Daughter Build a Bear Date

The history of the Teddy Bear is absolutely fascinating!! So fascinating in fact that our family may have spent an afternoon learning all about it!!

Did you know that when Teddy Bears were created that the toymakers thought it would just be a fad?? So much so that they believed that the Teddy icon would only remain for the political period in which Roosevelt was in office.

Or did you know that Theodore Roosevelt refused to kill a bear that his hunting group had tied to a tree?? It was because of his refusal about killing an innocent bear this way that the Teddy bear came to be borne. The Teddy Bear was named after him!!

Aren’t these all fun facts??

We think they are simply amazing!! So, we decided that the next date that we absolutely had to do was a Daddy-Daughter Build a Bear date!!

We don’t know about your family but we do know our family. The little girls absolutely love going to Build a Bear to create new furry friends on a regular basis.

Is it because of the fact that they get to stuff their own bear?? Pretend to bath it?? Or get to dress it in the most adorable overpriced clothes??

Or is it because there is something magical about creating your own furry friend that understands you in a way that no other toy can?!

We don’t necessarily know!! But we are sure that your daughters will go nuts with this idea!! Who wouldn’t want a chance to head on over to this bright and colorful store for a daddy-daughter date!!

The whole twist to this daddy-daughter date is what you do once you get to Build A Bear. Rather than just have your child create a bear for herself we thought it would be fun to make bears for each other.

Try to be secretive while sticking together to surprise each other at the end of the visit. The element of surprise is what will take this daddy-daughter date to a whole new level.

One papa we know did this with his girls way back in the day. They created a special bear for him and he created one for each of them.

The girls who just recently went off to college took their special daddy bears with them. They have admitted that even when they are far from home they really don’t feel that way.

They have shared that when they feel homesick they would press their bears’ soundboxes which would play a special sound message their daddy made for them so long ago.

For a daddy, this also proves to be a special keepsake to remember how little your darling girl once was. Those tiny voices change and move away. Wouldn’t it be an amazing reminder to have a bear that captures her heart at the age she is now??

Decorating Your Build a Bear Box

The perfect ending to this special day would be to come home and spend some time decorating your bears’ boxes. One of the greatest joys of Build a Bear is the boxes that they come in.

We absolutely adore using Crayola glitter crayons, Mr. Sketch smelly markers, and Crayola Twistables to decorate with. We find that they pack the best bang for your buck and really provide amazing color to those once white bear houses.

And ultimately, why not write a quick love note for one another of why you love being together. Or what they do that makes them who they are that you love. Check out our download for your bear invite and love note paper!!

Build A Bear Daddy-Daughter Date

So have we convinced you that this is a daddy-daughter date that you really must do?? Let us know in the comments below how well this daddy-daughter date went over!!

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