Coaching Services

Life can be so confusing and hard.  

We know we just need a small push or shove in the right direction but where to start?!

You’re ready to become the hero of your story!! You’re ready to defeat the villains, embrace your talents, quirks, and amazing qualities to find the love of your life; so, totally ready for your story to unfold… but how?!  

Well, I’ve got your back!!  I’ll be your own modern day Fairy God Mother

If you are wanting someone to talk to to figure out a starting point to leap off from, or need some loving advice and a reminder that you are of worth and have amazing value and a lot to offer the world; just, check out my coaching packages below to create your own happily ever after!!

Unsure that we might be a good match?!  No worries, I provide you with a free 20 minute coaching call to see where you’re at and if my services will truly be a benefit to you!!

***PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST, if your experiences fall into the realm of counselling I will recommend that you attend therapy as part of your coaching package<3.***

Dating Profile Coaching and Overhaul

Healing After Heartbreak

Embrace Your Feminine Qualities

Date Coaching Packages