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Chinese New Year

Looking for a new celebration or want to learn about a different culture?? Then check out our Chinese New Year Family Date Night!!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

The first time my daughter said that to me I did a double take.  

Did you swear at me I asked.  No mom I said Gung Hoy Fat Choy!!

What does that mean??

Happy New Year’s in Chinese Mom!!

My dear sweet girl had a teacher who had spent the day teaching her students about the Chinese culture.  

They participated in making lucky money envelopes and just having an all around special Chinese New Year’s day with their teacher.

It was this special lady, who inspired this activity and celebration of this special day!!

How much do you know Chinese New Year’s??

The facts that we found surrounding this Chinese New Year is so telling of the amazing Chinese Culture.  

Check out these super cool facts as you celebrate you own Happy Chinese New Year’s Celebration for Families

All this information came from, China Highlights.

If you are interested in learning more than head on over there!!  It is a fun page to learn from!!

One thing that we absolutely love about celebrating your own Chinese New Year’s  is learning and creating new memories.  

Over at First Palette, they share instructions on how to make your own adorable paper lanterns!!  

All you need for your paper lanterns are:

paper or card stock




Tape or a stapler 

And any items you want to decorate your paper lanterns!!  They turn out absolutely adorable!!  

photo credit goes to: First Palette!! Go to their site for more cute craft ideas

The next cute idea that you can do is from Penny Pincher to make these Super Simple and Easy Rice Krispie Treats Dragons.  

They look complicated but we promise you they aren’t!!

They are SO simple. 

The supplies that you will need are:

Red and Yellow Fruit by the Foot

Small Jujubes

Mini m&ms

Candy eyes

Rice Krispie Treats

Photo credit from Party Pinching!! Go to her website to check out her other amazing ideas!!

Follow these steps:

  1. Take Rice Krispie out of packaging and cut in half
  2. Open red fruit by the foot and cover Rice Krispie half so all sides are covered.
  3. Take your red mini jujubes and place at the top of one of the widest sides (like you are writing you name at the top of a paper)
  4. Under your dragon ears place your darling candy eyes
  5. Under your dragon eyes take mini m&ms and place at the bottom of your Rice Krispie for the nostrils
  6. Grab some scissors and cut 3 yellow fruit by the foot triangles.  One triangle will go in between the eyes at the top of the head
  7. The other two triangles will go on either side of the head
  8. The last step you will do is cut a tail from the red fruit by the foot.
  9. Make waves in it so that the tail looks like a Chinese dragon would.  Where you make the waves pinch it so that the tails stands up in that area!!  

And there you have it a super cute but absolutely simple Chinese Dragon Treat!!

The last fun idea we have for this special Chinese New Year’s Day is this…

If you are a movie family we absolutely love Disney Plus!! So you can either check out the old school disney cartoon Mulan or the real life feature that just recently came out at the end of 2020!!

Have you seen the newer Mulan feature?? Did you have an amazing Chinese New Year?? Let us know in the comments below!!

We wish you a wonderful and blessed Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

PS. Has your family jumped on the National Today band wagon?? If you have, then check out our International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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