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Where’s Waldo Parent-Child Date

Looking for a quick parent-child bonding activity that you can do last-minute?? Check out this super cute Where’s Waldo Parent-Child date!! Do you remember the days before internet as a child where you felt like you had a ton of…

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Relationship Connection Kids Coupons

Looking for a quick way to reconnect and build a great connection with your child, then look no further!! Read and download our Relationship Connection Kids Coupons printable below for fun last-minute ideas to create a closer bond and connection!!…

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Car Tunes Daddy Daughter Date

Have a teen or tween you are trying to connect with but don’t know where to start?? Check out this Car Tunes Daddy Daughter Date!! Recently I had a conversation with a friend. She told me that she could tell…

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Car Repair Father-Son Date

Have a love for cars?? Why not share that love and passion with your mini-me with this Car Repair Father-Son Date!! Recently, I was on the phone with my brother who talked about a youtuber that he had come across…

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Space Jam Daddy Daughter Date

Is your daughter craving some one on one time?? Why not grab her into your arms plunk down in front of a movie and check out this Space Jam Daddy Daughter Date she will always remember!! One of the greatest…

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About Me

Miss. Merry Berry

Hey There!! My name is Miss. Merry Berry I'm an Elementary Teacher focused on teaching english through play based learning (Preschool to Grade 3) I love creating fun play based content to teach your child english through a variety of games, songs, and stories. My goal is to make learning engaging for your child and help them learn English in a positive and impactful way. You can find many useful courses, play based activities, and learning games here and on my TPT store. Want to stay informed and up to date?? Follow along on instagram!! Welcome!! Read More

Miss. Merry Berry

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