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Alphabet Pumpkin Name Practice

Working with young children is an absolute gift!! There is always an excitement and zest for life. A natural curiosity. So as a teacher I feel it is important to help children continue to show that love for life through…

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Dinosaur Play Dough Mats

Around here, at Pails of Love, we absolutely love the magic of play. Some favored and well sought out play toys at home and in the classroom are the dinosaurs. Because of their popularity, we decided to create some learning…

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Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date

Looking for an activity for someone on one time for the child that always wants to play?? Check out this Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Date that they are sure to love!! Last week we posted about this super cute Cabin…

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Cabin in the Woods Sensory Play Idea

Have a little person that absolutely loves to play?? And wants you to play with them?? Why not take some intentional date time to create a cabin in the woods sensory play idea that they will absolutely love!! Hey Momma,…

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About Me

Miss. Merry Berry

Hey There!! My name is Miss. Merry Berry I'm an Elementary Teacher focused on teaching english through play based learning (Preschool to Grade 3) I love creating fun play based content to teach your child english through a variety of games, songs, and stories. My goal is to make learning engaging for your child and help them learn English in a positive and impactful way. You can find many useful courses, play based activities, and learning games here and on my TPT store. Want to stay informed and up to date?? Follow along on instagram!! Welcome!! Read More

Miss. Merry Berry

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