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Car Tunes Daddy Daughter Date

Have a teen or tween you are trying to connect with but don’t know where to start?? Check out this Car Tunes Daddy Daughter Date!!

Recently I had a conversation with a friend. She told me that she could tell her oldest was starting to tween out.

Her daughter had recently discovered the joy to just drive around in the car jamming out to tunes.

And she was asking her mom when they could go for a drive.

This is the precious girl who inspired this date and also inspired our tween/teen dates The Car Series.

So are you intrigued yet?? Then keep reading below about creating your own Car Tunes Daddy Daughter Date!!

When I first went to create this date I immediately thought of this sweet girl’s fashion sense. Her 90’s way of dressing with her side ponies and crimpy hair totally inspired this date to be 90’s themed.

And when I think of music I remember the good ol’ days where the boys would carry a huge beatbox on their shoulder as they strutted down the street.

If you want to take this car tunes date to the next level then you could dress up and truly become a blast from the past!!

In order to get your little gal ready for this date we have created the perfect 90’s inspired music invite!!

A cassette tape with polka dots to really bring it home.

You can really leave the invite anywhere for them to find but wouldn’t it be fun to leave it:

  • in their makeup kit
  • taped to the back of their phone
  • or hidden in their laptop when they open it for school

I think what makes the invite so special is the element of surprise that comes when getting it!!

Now that the invite is out.

The date night is picked.

And car keys in hand.

Let’s talk real quick about how the Play Me a Song Game works

In our printable, you will find 18 music questions that your child can read to you while you are driving. Or let them drive and you read the questions.

The rule is the driver is not allowed to find the music the passenger can only do it!! Please remember safety first and no texting or playing on the phone while driving!!

These questions were created with the thought that they allow you and your child to let walls down to truly connect. Being able to play a song that you listen to when you’re sad and explain why to someone else is a great way to build communication and connection.

And having that as a jumping-off point to talk about what is going on with your daughter is an amazing blessing!!

It is always fun to reminisce about the days of the past and so we came up with all the fun 90’s treats we could think of!!

Do you have any snacks from the 90’s that you absolutely love?? Or have another question that you think we should include?? Let us know in the comments below!!

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PS. This date really can be done with any parent-child pair!! We originally created it as a mother-daughter date and it was used by a daddy-daughter duo!! We try to keep all our dates open for anyone to use!! Looking for more car-themed date nights?? Check out our father-son car repair night. Or wait for our monthly car series date that will be coming soon!!

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