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Car Show Father-Son Activity

How many times in your family have you been driving down the road to have someone point out a car they love?? For us it happens all the time!! Not just from the boys but the girls as well!!

Cars are really such a fun thing and can provide hours of endless entertainment in the knowledge that comes with them.

Lots of times as a teenager when I needed to make a new guy friend I would find out what he knew about cars!! It seemed to get them every time!!

So if you are a car fanatic. Have a child who loves car. Or a hubbins that loves them even more than this is the perfect activity for you!!

Check out our Father Son Car Show Activity below!!

Father Son Car Show Activity

Car shows can be a family affair or a father son outing. If you have heard that a local car show is coming to your area why not spend the morning, afternoon or day checking out all the vintage cars that graced the streets once long ago.

We have heard and read a few times over that sometimes car shows have family activities going on and sometimes not.

For this activity, we suggest that you go prepared just in case there aren’t many activities to do for littler ones.

To start the date we thought we could play the classic childhood car game that every child loves to play. Do you know what I am talking about??

Need a hint…

Do you remember when you were younger punching your brother and sister really hard in the car when you found a punch buggy?? My brother and I would play this game as we went on really long car trips!!

Have you played this game before??

If not, it’s totally okay!!

The rules are simple. Every time you see a volkswagon bug (a punchbuggy) you punch the person next to you while yelling out the color. “Blue punchbuggy.”

And then if you don’t want to get punched back you quickly add in… no returns!!

Now please don’t full out punch each other while playing this game. A loving tap or loving punch will do!!

Car Show activities

Once you get to the car show you can check out the cars. Or you can find a shady spot under a tree and read a classic car book called Go Dogs Go!!

After reading the story you can get you and your child to take turns posing by the cars or different parts of the cars. Take pictures to later on make into your own Go Dogs Go book.

Another activity we thought would be fun on this outing is to play eye spy with my little eye and try to have the other person guess which car you see.

If you have an older child you could talk to them about the different way cars were built and ask them what kind of car they would have driven if they had a choice.

Pool Noodle Race Track

The last activity that we thought could be really fun would need just a little bit of prep time before your car show day!!

Photo courtesy of: Toys R Us

Now car shows are great but racing cars is even more fun. So find a pool noodle, a knife, some duct tape and some hot wheels!!

To check out the exact instructions you can head on over to Toys R Us

For a quick explanation though, what you’ll need to do is cut the pool noodle in half like a hot dog bun.

Once your pool noodle is in half you duct tape the back of it!!

Using toothpicks and our car show decor download you will find mini flags and a start and finish sign!! Car shows and races are all about the decor!!

Find some places around the car show (not on the cars!!) to prop up your race track and race your hot wheels down the noodle!!

Did you enjoy this activity?? Have another great idea?? Let us know below we would love to hear from you about how this day went for you!!

Car Show Father Son Activity
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