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Car Repair Father-Son Date

Have a love for cars?? Why not share that love and passion with your mini-me with this Car Repair Father-Son Date!!

Recently, I was on the phone with my brother who talked about a youtuber that he had come across that he said I needed to check out.

Have you come across my new favorite man of the century?? His youtube channel is “Dad, How Do I”

The love that this man emits towards others is so humbling and so heartwarming. He shares a love that shows a father’s true love and you don’t even have to know him!!

Well, it was through his videos that we felt inspired to create this Car Repair date. It is always a great treasure when our parents share and impart their knowledge that can help us in our lives with us.

It has been by trial and error that I have had to learn how to fill my tires with air, and how to jump start a battery.

Many times I wished that I would have had the opportunity to have a dad around. A dad who would have taken my hand and shown me those things!!

So this is for all those dads out there who can share this knowledge!! (or watch the youtube videos from Dad, How Do I) And teach your kiddos these precious skills.

And just think, whenever they have to practice and use that skill in the future they will always think of you!!

Don’t know where to start??

Dad, How Do I has videos for car repair on:

So let’s chat about this Car Repair Father-Son Date!!

Growing up we would always watch Tim the Tool Man Taylor. It was there I learned to make the best sandwich ever!! And what was the source of inspiration for the treat for this activity!!

Sons don’t just need skills for under the hood of a car!! They also need it in the kitchen as well.

So while this post really won’t do this activity any justice what I do know is the skills that your child will appreciate and love by doing this!!

Knowledge is power and power is invaluable when it comes to learning necessary to skills to empower a child in his or her life!!

Car Repair Date
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