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Candy Mommy-Daughter Date

Do you have a child that would relate to this?? “

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a world it would be.
If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes, oh what a world it will be.
If all the sunbeams were bubble gum and ice cream oh what a world it would be.

Does this sound like a child that you have at your house??
It does!! Then let’s be best friends.

My littlest absolutely adores candy. She would spend all day every day eating candy. She definitely has a sweet tooth.

It was her love of candy and our absolutely coolest candy store visits we recently stumbled upon that inspired this fun Candy Mother-Daughter Date

Really this special one on one date can be for any candy lover for mommy-daughter, father-son, daddy-daughter, or mother-son pair.

Candy Mommy-Daughter Date

For this date, we thought that there would be no better way to connect than to head on over to a cool candy store you can find in your area to pick out some sweet treats!!

If for some reason you are at a loss to know where to find a candy store; our top three suggestions are to:

  1. Ask friends who have kids. Both candy stores that we stumbled upon during summer we learned about from friends. One candy store is in a wee itty bitty town and the other is found in a gas station. Your candy store might be where you least expect it!!
  2. Check the mall. We found some super fun little candy shops tucked away in some malls that we have gone into. And if worse comes to worst you can always head over to a Bulk Barn or WinCo to load up on candy from the bulk bins!!
  3. Head on over to the dollar store. They always have a whole aisle dedicated to those searching for a sugar rush!!

Candy Date Materials

  • Candy Land Board Game
  • Candy of your choice
  • Don’t Eat Pete gameboards
  • String and Needle (Optional)
  • Tissue Paper, Glue Gun, and 1 inch Styrofoam Balls (Optional)

Candy Date Activity

There is something so magical about being in a candy store and seeing all the bright colors and smelling all those sweet smells.

Now, going with your child to pick out their favorite candy or try a newly discovered candy really can be a lot of fun in itself. But we really want to take this Mommy-daughter date all the way and truly create a memorable time for you and your child.

So, once you have get your candy why not head on back home, or to a local park or special place and play CandyLand and Don’t Eat Pete together!!

If you are not familiar with Candyland its a really fun and simple game!! You can have 2 to 4 players who are gingerbread men and the goal is to be the first one to get to the end of the gameboard. It is all about matching colors and jumping spaces!! It truly is a game you’ll want to have in your game closet!!

Don’t Eat Pete is the next game to play!! Its another simple game that has no strategy other than to guess what your opponent is thinking. For Don’t Eat Pete you place candies on each square. You then decide which square is “Pete” and the person guessing tries to eat all the candies on the board without eating Pete!! We love this game at our house!!

Optional Candy Date Ideas

If you have a child that is super crafty then why not make some eye candy??We came across two really cute ideas that really step up taking candy decorating to a new level with these fun candy garland ideas!!

DIY Candy Garland

photo courtesy: DIY Candy

Rather than taking all that candy and eating it; why not turn it into a cute garland!! If you head on over to DIY Candy she teaches you how to use a simple thing like a needle and thread to create these super delicious garlands to hang in your house!! Are you willing to give it a try??

We originally saw this next idea as cupcake toppers over at Cake Journal. With a little thought and creativity, we thought these would be just as cute threaded into a garland.

The instructions are simple. Take a 1 inch styrofoam ball put glue around it and roll it up in crepe paper. The next step is to tie each end. Cut the ends so that the sides aren’t too long. Once your little candy is wrapped you can thread them onto string so that it becomes a cute candy garland!!

If you choose to visit a candy store, make candy garland or do our candy date we would love to hear about it!! Tell us about your experiences, cool candy stores you found or any ideas or tips to make this candy date even better!!

Candy Date Invite
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