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Candy Corn Addition Facts to 18 Game

One of the greatest ways to bring in the element of fun and play into the classroom is by focusing your activities on the upcoming holiday!! Well, Halloween is right around the corner!! So let’s talk about this cute and fun Candy Corn Addition Facts to 18 Game.

If your kids are learning double-digit addition up to 20 then this is the game for you!!

There are 26 questions in this game that add up to 18.

So here’s the deets of this game!!

Print and cut out these candy corn printables.

But wait!! Before laminating you are going to do one more step!!

You are going to take your scissors and cut the yellow parts of the candy corn off.

Now laminate those candy corns!!

The next step is simple. Grab some students and give them some candy corn candies!!

Use those candies and candy corn puzzle pieces to match up the facts!!

You can grab this freebie from our resource library!! Sign up below!!

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