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Call Santa on the Phone

October 22, 2020 in Christmas, Holidays - No Comments

Needing a little Santa encouragement to get your children to behave?? Or are you wanting to create a little Christmas magic on a dreary day?? Check out our post to learn how your kids can call Santa on the phone their very own selves!!

Okay!! It’s official we are absolutely Christmas Obsessed over here at Pails of Love!! We love Christmas!! It really is our absolute favorite holiday!!

And for good reason!!

There is something absolutely magical about the feelings that Christmas brings!!

Your children’s excitement!!

An increased measure of goodwill to all men!!

People spending time together!!

Christmas baking!!

Dedicated time that you get to intentionally turn off and spend more time with your family!!

The many many DIY projects for young and old that you can gift to your loved ones.

And the celebration and knowledge that somewhere in the world once upon a day a baby was born who changed the world!!

Who gave us hope in a dark and dreary world!!

We absolutely love Santa because to us he helps children feel the Savior’s love in a whole new way!!

And when they get old enough to understand the way that Santa’s magic works it allows for a heart to heart conversation of that same type of unconditional love and acceptance radiates from the love of Jesus Christ!!

So without further ado!! Let’s talk about how your little ones can call Santa!!

Now don’t worry because we will be honest when we first heard about this resource we were a little worried that we would be bothering Santa during his busy season and frankly… we didn’t know what exactly or maybe how exactly that conversation should look like!!

But as we should have expected, this phone number goes straight to Santa’s voicemail because lets face it!! Santa is busy and doesn’t have the time to answer all the phone calls from little ones all over the world!!

So if you want Santa’s number just dial… (951) 262-3062

and then wait to see the face of your little ones to light up to hear Santa’s voice and know that they have discovered the secret number to catch Santa!!

Or like I shared in my Reindeer Cam post. Use it as a way to threaten encourage your child(ren) to make a better choice!!

Because we all know that a little Santa encouragement goes a long way!!

So just give Santa a ring at (951) 262-3062!! You’re Welcome!!

*Please note that this may charge your phone long-distance charges!! So if this is not something that you want to have happen, please check your phone plans or with your phone company before calling!!*

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