Bowling Mother-Son Date

I have always been really shy. Being the center of attention is not my forte. So I really don’t like participating in any sport or activity where the spotlight is on me.

However, I have children that absolutely love being silly and being the center of attention. They also like to make others laugh.

This all sounds great but sometimes the contrast in personalities causes me, as a momma, to shy away from the activities they love to do.

However, on the flip side this also allows me to step outside my own insecurities. And bring joy to their days just by trying something new that they love to do.

With that in mind, here at Pails of Love we created a Mother Son Bowling date that takes away the focus of bowling and puts it all on how silly you can be!!

Want to know more?? Check it out below!!

Mother Son Bowling Date

This picture probably looks familiar if you have been bowling with really little people before?? Or heck maybe you still want to use this because every ball you roll is a gutter.

While it can be fun for kids to play a normal game of bowling to get the knack for what the game is all about; we really wanted to focus on the silly fun aspect.

For this date you will obviously need to head on over to a bowling alley but you will need to take a pail or bowl, or hat. I know it sounds pretty random!! Really you will just want something that you can put a bunch of slips of papers into that you will be pulling out throughout the night.

We suggest that you take 5 minutes to cut up the 25 bowling challenges ahead of time to keep them a surprise!!

We also suggest again having a fully-charged phone or camera to take pictures to capture these cherished moments. We promise you’ll regret not taking the pictures if you don’t!!

So without further ado, here are the instructions to make your bowling date a success.

Silly Bowling Mother Son Date

In our download you will find 25 challenges of different ways to bowl. They range in ideas from bowl without using the finger holes, bowl like a ballerina, to bowl on your knees.

You can take turns pulling out a sheet of paper for each partner to complete during that frame. Rather than focusing on who can win the most points from bowling you could gear it on the person who makes the other laugh the most wins!!

Rather than eating at the bowling alley, we decided that the person who made the other laugh the most could pick where we would go for a treat at the end.

Let us know what was your favorite challenge to complete!! What made you and your child laugh the most?? Tell us in the comments below!!

Wait, do you have a new challenge for bowling or another idea?? We would love to hear it!! Comment below or email us at hello{at}

Mother Son Bowling Date
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