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Backward Day Daddy Daughter Activity

I absolutely adore National Holidays. I am not talking about Independence Day or Easter; although those are pretty great too.

I am talking about those National Days that are random and fun like National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Those days that give you an excuse to eat that cookie you have been eyeing up.

Well as luck might have it a whole entire site has been dedicated to National Days!! You can go check out National Day Calendar to find all the fun ways to celebrate every day!!

But promise me you’ll only go there after you check out this awesome date that we created for Daddies and Daughters. to do for January 31 for…

National Backward Day!!

January 31 has been dedicated as the day to do everything backward.

Want to wear your clothes backward?? Wear sunglasses on the back of your head?? Wear your ponytail at the front instead of the back?? OR eat dessert for breakfast and breakfast for supper?? Heck, this is the day to do it!!

Which makes this the perfect excuse to grab a dad and a daughter…

or a mom and a son…

really just a parent and only one child and head on over to

IHOP to have some breakfast for dinner and connect over some much needed individual quality time.

What to Do for National Backward Day

Word on the street is that on select days at IHOP kids 12 and under can eat free. The catch is that its free only with the purchase of an adult entree from 4 to 10 pm. (Please check your local IHOP to find which day applies to your area.)

Backward Day Invite

We thought for this special day that the joy would be found in your child receiving a thank you card for hanging out for a day that hasn’t yet happened!!

To surprise your special little one you can place their invite in their lunch kit for school or in their agenda bag, Or you could simply place it on their pillow or a special place that your child will find it.

What to Wear

On the day of fun, invite your child to put their clothes on backward and do their hair in a fun and funky way.

A fun clothing idea is to get a shirt that you can write goodbye on the back and hello on the front to wear backward.

That way as you go about your backward day everyone would see goodbye first!! The girls in our family love to braid their hair and wear their hats backward.

Dads could wear their sunglasses on the back of their heads or wear a button-up shirt open backward with a t-shirt underneath. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest on how to embrace a whole new backward fashion!!

Where to Go and What to Do

After heading off to IHOP, and have ordered a backward meal you can play these fun games we have planned for you while you wait.

On our printables for this day, you will find three different challenges to try with each other.

And, you can see who can sing the alphabet backward without making a mistake, and then see who can count down from 100 the fastest without making a mistake.

When your food arrives see who can complete the challenge of eating with your opposite hand. See who can last the longest.

In our printable package, you will find a challenge sheet you can take with you on your backward adventure!!

Mirror Notes Activity

So, a fun fact that we learned on our search to plan the perfect day of doing everything backward was that Leonardo da Vinci would write all his notes from right to left making all his letters backward as well.

With this fun knowledge, we thought that the last activity for your backward day would be to spend some time writing each other a mirrored note.

GNITIRW DRAWKCAB is a lot harder than you would think.

In order to be successful at writing your note backward so that you can read it is to first write it normally. Once you have written it down normally you can use the mirror note printable to write your note backward!!

We really hope that this day is super special for you and your child and builds precious memories for years to come!! Yad Drawkcab yppaH!!

Backward Day Invite, Challenges and Activity

In this printable pack you will find a Backward Day Thank You Invite, 3 Challenges to complete during your day and a mirror notes activity.

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