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All the Steps You Need for a Successful Family Meeting

Are things feeling a little out of control at home?? Have some negative behaviors popped up that you need to address?? Well, keep reading to find out not only how to address these issues but a way to connect and strengthen your family bond. Here’s, All the Steps You Need for a Successful Family Meeting

Did you know that those yucky behaviors in your house can be a thing of the past??

I bet you that you didn’t.

Cause I used to think that parenting had to this vicious cycle. A cycle where I would lose my cool and yell at my kids, they would do what I demanded, and things would be okay for a while, and then they would start acting up again.

That’s how it worked for my mom when we were kids.

But I just didn’t feel right about getting mad at my kids all the time.

And I didn’t like or believe that I needed to create fear in my children to get them to behave.

A couple of years ago as I was teaching, I had an amazing teacher that mentored me.

And she taught me this super valuable skill that worked in the classroom to deal with problem behaviors and also create a classroom unity.

But then, I learned this super valuable activity to use in the classroom.

So I tried it and it WORKED miracles.

And then, it got me thinking. Would this work at home too?!

By golly, it totally did.

Have you ever tried doing family meetings at your house before??

It sounds pretty dull and not like something I would ever want to be a part of!!

But, did you know that having regular family meetings where you sit down and have discussions can curb that yucky behavior, create a closer bond, and allow for your children to be empowered??

It sounds like an amazing thing to be a part of, doesn’t it??

So here are All the Steps You Need for a Successful Family Meeting

Spend some time sitting down with your family at a table or somewhere that is comfortable but that they still in a learning state of mind. You don’t want those littles laying down or slouching. Grab an item it really can be anything (we use a fairy wand just because I like to be silly) but you call it a talking stick. What you then do with your family is share these rules.

-Grab talking stick (this can be any item!! You can use a fairy wand, a stick wrapped in washi tape, or any item you want that will only be used for your family meetings.)

– Encourage a positive attitude and participation

Set the rules:

1. We are going to have a conversation where we only speak positively about the ideas that are shared

.2. Only one person can speak at a time. The person who can speak at that time is the one who is holding the talking stick

3. The conversation is a safe place so you cannot be negative about an idea brought up saying things like that’s stupid or that’s a dumb idea. It’s okay to disagree but it has to be done respectfully.

4. First start the conversation by talking about something fun like what is your favorite family vacation we have gone on? or if you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?? Just be prepared to also answer the question

5. The next step that you will do with him is bring up the concern. BUT rather than giving him the expectation but it back on him to ask how you can problem solve it. Write down a list of ideas that he and you (you can even do this with the whole family) that would be a solution to the issues you are having.

6. Once you have a list discuss which ones are actually feasible and would work in your home with your rules and expectations. Remember to take turns throughout the entire conversation

7. Once you have agreed on a solution, take turns coming up with ideas for a consequence if these rules are not followed through with. Usually, children will pick a harsher punishment than what you would give. So allow your child to share what his or her ideas are. You might be surprised.

8. Ultimately as the parent you have the right to decide on the punishment and make the final say. Thank your child for his input and ask if he agrees to follow through with the plan that you have discussed to put in place.

9. End the family meeting with a snack

One you have had one meeting, make a schedule to commit to have these family meeting on a weekly basis.

It’s really that simple!!

That’s All the Steps You Need for a Successful Family Meeting

I promise that when you do these family meetings then the bond in your family will be strengthened, behavior issues will subside and everyone will be happier!!

Do you have any family meeting tips that are your absolute favorite or that you can’t live without??

Share them with us in the comments below.

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