Year One- All About the World Around Me Week One-ALl About Me

This week we will talking about how as individuals we are all different and unique, and how our bodies help us.

We will talk about what makes us special and how having likes and dislikes helps us not only make sense of the world around us but also helps us understand more about ourselves.  We will also learn how we have bodies that help us do hard things.  Our bodies help us know our identity and gives us confidence in who we are. Check out our All About Me Theme Weekly Newsletter and Letter Mm Alphabet Pack that is included with this unit (see Monday's Lesson for these two downloads)

I Can Statements

  • I Can Be Proud Of Who I Am
  • I Can Love Me for Me
  • I can have likes and dislikes that help me learn about myself and the world around me
  • I can understand and recognize that my body is a gift and helps me every day
  • I can recognize the Upper and lowecase letter Mm and it's sounds