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Adorable Daddy-Daughter Pet Store Date

Needing to get out of the house and do something fun for free?? Then check out our adorable Daddy-Daughter Pet Store Date that your little one is sure to love!!

I rang the doorbell and waited…

I could hear the squeals of delight and excitement as the girls came running to open the door!!

“Guess what mommy!! Guess what!!” my littlest kabinky squealed!!

“We went to the pet store today and I got to pet a cat!!”

She was ecstatic and she told everyone all that she saw!! All day long!!

So, I can’t take the credit for the inspiration behind this adorable daddy-daughter pet store date!! A huge shoutout goes out to my wonderful friend who inspired this date by taking my own little one on it!!

Now, it probably goes without saying, that this Daddy-daughter pet store date is for those who have kids or knows a kid that is an absolute animal lover!!

This is an awesome date because it is one that doesn’t take a ton of time to prepare and one that you can truly do last minute!!

All you have to do is head on over to your local pet store that has animals and complete the pet store scavenger hunt that is included in our printable.

Just in case, you are unsure how to complete a scavenger hunt, then I’ll explain it to you!!

Our Pet Store scavenger hunt that you can print can be played much like Bingo!!

You can either complete a line of 4 across, down or diagonal.


You can complete a blackout where you find all the items on the board.

The items that you will be looking for in this scavenger hunt are easy and common to find in all pet stores.

They range from finding cat food to fish food, or finding a hamster or dog bones.

Our family has completed this type of scavenger game at another store and they were tickled pink to play!! It sure is a fun game even for older kids to see how fast they can complete it!!

So now that you know what the activity is, all you need is a fun treat!! Included in our printable is a recipe from

This is the only part of the activity that will take the most time!! But if you literally have no time before your activity have no fear!!

Keep reading below to find out a fun treat to surprise your daughter with!!

If you plan on making bunny chow and have a little extra time the ingredients you will need are:

  • pretzel sticks
  • oreos
  • m and ms
  • vanilla candy coating (but let’s be real you could do this any color that would make girly girl happy!!)
  • sprinkles

Its a super simple and quick recipe activity so you could even incorporate it to the beginning or end of the date!!

Heck, even if you don’t have the ingredients you can take your little one and go shopping for them!! Add it onto your day and have fun shopping together and picking out the ingredients!!

If that activity is not part of your jam you can just head to the pet store!!

While, at the pet store you can check for fun human treats!! I know our local pet store has fun animal themed cookies that you can buy there!!

Oh!! In case, this is a date you are planning to do not last minute let’s talk real quick about the invite!!

We encourage you to leave the invite somewhere she can find it as a surprise!! If you are wanting a cute treat to leave with it!! Our girls rant and rave over backpack buddies (otherwise known as animal keychains)!!

You can find them on Amazon called animal plush backpack clips!! However, we have been able to find them cheaper at the dollar store, in the party sections, school section, or randomly by the checkouts at Target or Walmart. So, you can always check there too if you’re looking for a cheaper option!!

We hope that this adorable daddy-daughter pet store date is one that leaves long lasting and cherished memories!!

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of this date was!! And don’t forget to buy that backpack buddy we know you won’t regret it!!

Daddy Daughter Pet Store Date

ps. just in case you are new around here keep reading!! we just wanted to explain what exactly you will find in our printable package!! Along with the invite and recipes, you will find in the pack, you will also notice that there is a sheet of “stickers” to cut out and use for scrapbooking or journaling!! You will also find a journal page to write down the fun memories that you have together to add to your journals!!

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