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Addition Game- Monster Race to 20

A super popular and fun game that my students have loved to play in the classroom is a race to 100!! Race to 100 is a bit more difficult for the younger grades to play so you can start with this fun Halloween activity or rather Additition Game- Monster Race to 20!!

For this game, all you will need is our cute printable and a dice!!

You can grab a big foam dice from the dollar tree in the teacher education aisle to use for those little hands.

The students can use the bigger dots on the dice to practice counting up from their last number.

The rules of this game are simple!!

Player 1 will roll the dice and then place counters that many spots on the board.

Player 2 will do the same.

Each player will take turns rolling the dice and adding the number of counters to their game board that they rolled.

Whoever gets to 20 first wins!!

If your students need more of a challenge they can start at 20 and race to 0 by subtracting the number they roll on their dice each turn. Whoever gets to zero first wins!!

This game is sure to be a hit in the classroom. So grab this out each school year when October rolls around!!

Your students will absolutely love practicing their math!!

Miss. Merry Berry

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