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ABC 123

Is summer winding down and school is right around the corner?? Planning some back to school fun activities and ideas?? Well make sure to include this game of ABC 123. You can’t go wrong!!

If you have landed here from another social media platform!! Welcome!! We are so excited to see you here!!

If you are one of the Pails of Love Tribe we promise that there are just two more versions of Don’t Eat Pete that we want to share…

we promise…

okay maybe that might not be true…

We don’t have any planned yet… but that could always change!!

But we just love love love to provide simple last minute activities that you can utilize no matter what holiday you are celebrating…

and well…. Back to School is just another excuse time that we can play another round of Don’t Eat Pete but using the game name of ABC 123.

If you have another game that your family loves loves loves to play like our family does with Don’t Eat Pete!! Let us know in the comments below so we can share it here!!

And just one more time the rules of ABC 123 Don’t Eat Pete are as follows:

  1. Have the players help place one candy in each square
  2. Send one player out of the room
  3. Pick one of the squares to be ABC 123
  4. Call child back in the room
  5. Don’t tell them the square where ABC 123 is
  6. The child picks the candy off the squares one at a time.
  7. Your child will continue until they reach the ABC 123 square.
  8. Once they pick up that candy all the other players yell ABC 123

For the treats for our ABC 123 version we decided to use little mini boxes of raisins and individual packets of gummy candies that we send in kids’ lunches.

I dished one out to each kid and they got to pick which one we used for that round of the game. While they hid in the other room we placed their very own raisins or gummies on the board.

Somehow, this produced a new kind of excitement for the game than before and we may have gone through their boxes of school boxes in the day.

So, be warned it sure is a big hit over here still!!

ABC 123 Don’t Eat Pete
Miss. Merry Berry

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