6 Signs Your Long Distance Love Loves You

Wondering if he actually loves you because you are so far apart??  Here are 6 signs Your Long Distance Love Loves You

Now, I haven’t been quiet about my love for Long Distance Relationships.

I absolutely love them because well you gain a more intimate soul connection with someone rather than having it just based on looks.  

And because getting to know someone’s heart and who they are personality wise is just SO much sexier than having a physical connection with someone. 

I feel like I could be classified not only as a serial dating expert but a long distance relationship as well. 

My first LDR boyfriend was when I was 13 and he was 16. 

We met on a homeschool chat. 

His name was Zac and he was the ultimate hunk!!  He played football and I would chat with him on the days that he didn’t have practice or games.  

Our “relationship” lasted three months.  

And then as it was with teens you just kind of get busy and life takes over.  He was going away for the summer and wouldn’t be around the internet (good ol’ beginning internet days).  We broke up and lost touch but he made me feel like 100 bucks.  

My next teen LDR happened when I was 15. 

His name was Scott and a ton of girls were crushing on him that I knew and talked to.  He lived only three hours away.  We met on a Christian Teen Chat site.  We lasted six months before things went off the tracks.  

My life became busy and I didn’t hop on the chat as much as I used to and that lack of connection cause a huge disconnect.

He was hurt.  Super confused.  And started asking me why I was “too busy” to talk to him.  

Although, my excuses were valid.  I was young and dumb at the time.  He matched the time I would put into him but then you know life again just got in the way.  

As a college student I dated guys at my local university.  And my LDRs got put on hold. 

I still talked to some of the guys I had during high school but as they started to go off to university our friendships just sort of fizzled out.  

But, during the process I learned to talk to guys and let me guard down.  

At least online.

Well, coming out on the other side of a divorce.  I jumped back into the Long Distance Dating game.  Because lets face it.  Its really hard to be in the dating game with kids, and a career, and a hectic life.

LDRs make it so much easier to connect and have heart to hearts on a regular basis.  

I love LDRs and as an adult have been in them from as short as just over a month to just under 2 years.  

If you want to read about my true LDR love then check out the post: How to embrace and become being a high-value woman.

The tale is a little sad.  I really loved him.  And I think always will!!  

But, that’s the magic of a long distance relationship.  There will always be a soul connection.  A true bonding of you and him in an intimate way that you’ve never experienced before.

There have been a ton of guys who have hinted that they liked me and wanted to date me so if you want to know the real deal signs to look for…

Then let’s go!!

You’ve jumped into a LDR!!

Awesome.  He is everything you wanted and more.  

But you’re unsure… does he like you??  Or what if it’s more??  Does he actually…. You know… Love you??

Here are the 6 Signs Your Long Distance Love Loves You

Number One:  He loves you because consistently talks to you

Guys who actually are invested in a relationship are going to put in the time that it takes to make a relationship not only grow but flourish.  

When my true love LDR and I started talking things were just SO easy.  We talked all the time either by text, phone calls or Marco Polo videos.  We always were in contact each day.  

It was this unspoken agreement but one that didn’t come as a pain or a chore.

I loved talking to him and he loved talking to me too.  

My friends and family all knew about him because we just talked ALL the time.  

It was magical.  

He always made me happy and I knew he was my person.  

Often, he would travel for work and on the days that he wouldn’t be able to text or call as much then he would let me know ahead of time.  

He would sneak in phone calls during his drives, from hotel to conference and back.  Or he would leave me cute Marco Polos when he could.   

His texts, phone calls, videos, and general presence was super reassuring that he was there.  Always there.  Just a phone call away if I needed him.  

I knew and he knew that we loved each other.  

His effort matched mine.  

The time I put in was the time he put in.

We were always there for each other!!

It’s like that song from Charlie Puth

“I’m only call away. 

 I’ll be there to save the day.  

Superman got nothing on me

I’m only one call away

Call me, baby, if you need a friend

I just wanna give you love

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon

Reaching out to you, so take a chance

No matter where you go, know you’re not alone

I’m only one call away”

Number Two:  He loves you because he includes you in his life moments even when apart

One thing that we loved to do in our LDR was share pictures, funny things we saw, sunsets, the sky or anything that made us think of each other.  

I remember being on a road trip and seeing a sign in a random bathroom that we had stopped at.  

Written in sharpie marker above the sink was this

“Not Today Satan, Not Today!!”

It made me laugh and I sent it his way.  

It became an inside joke between the two of us.  

Mr. LDR was amazing at always including me in the fun life moments even when we weren’t together.

He would send me videos of him serenading me while he was rocking out to the radio.

He would take pictures of the places he visited and send them to me.

Send me Polos of him and his family saying hello!!  I always felt included even when we were apart.

Other ways that you’ll know he loves you is that his friends will know about you, you’ll be included in those friend get togethers even if you’re not there through either a FaceTime call, a Marco Polo video, or a group picture saying hello!!

Number Three:  He loves you because he knows about your life

Do you have an upcoming work project or school project due??

Did you just receive a text wishing you luck or thinking of you??

Yup that means he loves you.

Boyfriend wants to be a part of the plans and your life so he will be consistent in checking in to make sure you’re doing good.

When you’ve had a bad day he will be there to swoop in and lend a listening ear and reassuring words. 

There were times when one of us were having a bad day when a surprise would show up on the doorstep from the other.  

Fruit bouquets, flowers, pizza, you name it.  It was probably sent.  

A guy, who loves you, no matter how close or far apart you are is going to know and want to know what matters.  

He will make sure that he will be a support and rock for you along the way.

There will be an unspoken understanding and mentality of it is us against the world.  

And that no problem or obstacle that gets in the way is too big to solve or handle.  

Number four:  He loves you because he shares his childhood with you

When you actually get to see him in person be prepared to go for a stroll down memory lane.  

A guy who loves you wants you to share in his cherished memories.  

He will take you to his elementary school, or his favourite candy shop.

Drive you past the house he grew up in. 

Or take you to his favourite restaurant that he loved.  

A guy who loves you is going to want to bring you into his circle so be open and willing to meet his friends and family because they are a big part of what and who boyfriend is!!

And that’s a super lucky thing!!

Number five:  He loves you because he encourages you to be more than the relationship

It is super easy to just cling to each other when you are in a Long Distance Relationship.

He is only a text or a call away and so jumping on the phone with him will be your main go to.

But, a guy who loves you is going to encourage you to pour into yourself by doing things for you.

Go hangout with your friends.

Visit your family.

Have those Sunday dinners with your fam jam. 

He won’t demand to know your whereabouts 24/7 but will rather you to give each other the gift of missing the other.  

If he truly loves you he will trust you 100%. 

He won’t get jealous of your friends or family.

But, he probably will just text to make sure that you got there okay and back home safe.  

If a guy isn’t willing to trust you 100 % or tries to cut you off from your family or friends… now is the time to RUN!!!!

Number 6:  He loves you because there is an end date

One of the biggest questions surrounding Long Distance Relationships is when is it going to end??

LDRs are NOT for the faint of heart and take a lot of time, energy and effort to make them work and create something magical and spectacular.  

It is important to have an end date in mind. 

The discussion would have been had in the early days of who is going to move where and what that will mean for each individual moving forward.  

A guy who love you is going to prioritize you.  Just as you are going to prioritize him.  

Every relationship is about making sacrifices in a healthy way.  And so when you love each other you are both going to make sacrifices to make the relationship work.  Even if it means moving.  

So there you have it.  If you see most of these signs if not all of them in your Long Distance Relationship know that you’ve got it made.  

And you’ve found yourself a unicorn!!

So cherish what you’ve got and be grateful each day for that amazing guy!!

Also, let us know in the comments below do you find these signs to be true that he loves you??  Have you seen any others that you think we should have included??  Let us know in the comments below!!

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