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52 Family Traditions and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for some fun family traditions and activities for St. Patrick’s day?? Well, look no further because here are 52 Family Traditions and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day that we are sure you’ll love!! All of these activities are easy, simple, and cheap to do!!

And don’t worry you don’t have to do all of them!!

Hands down, I have to be honest I hate writing lists… BUT these ideas are ones that I absolutely love and keep coming back to year after year!!

And, in all honesty I keep adding more and more ideas because I always seem to find another gem that my family loves!! So we are sure your family will love them too!!!

I have learned that with holidays there are traditions that you will always keep year after year!!

But, I have also come to recognize that it’s okay to branch out and do some different ideas and activities that your family has never tried before either!!

So, let’s get into it:

52 Family Traditions and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Make leprechaun traps– To be honest, I can’t even remember where I heard about this idea… and I really wish I knew. All I know is that it has been a ton of fun for our family to have these traps laid out only to have our wee little green leprechaun friend stump them every time!! This is definitely an activity you’ll want to do year after year after year!!
  2. Play leprechaun tricks- Pails of Love has created the coolest product ever!! If you are a fan of elf on the shelf well get ready for some more tricks to play!! In our Leprechaun tricks printable, you will find 25 fun, easy with little to no prep needed to create some magical leprechaun fun in your house!! We even have instructions on how to create you own little Leprechaun Snock Gnomes to really bring the fun!!
  3. Green Pancakes, lucky charms, green theme foods– As a momma, when I am in need of quick simple cheap, and realistic ideas on how to celebrate a holiday I love to see what Melissa has to offer!! Like usual, her ideas don’t disappoint!! She has a recipe for green pancakes, rainbow cupcakes, green smoothies (even a healthy kind). I love this!!
  4. Read how to catch a leprechaun– this is a super cute book we absolutely love and read every year!! Will this become part of your St. Patrick’s Day too??
  5. St. Patricks Day Gifts- Grab some fun and cheap green treats. Don’t go overboard or spend a ton of money!! But leave some fun treats that will make your littles’ day
  6. DIY Eraser Stamp Shamrock Shirts– These shirts really are so cutesy and SO easy to make!! Grab a white t-shirt, some green acrylic paint, and a new pencil with an eraser tip that hasn’t been used!! We promise your kids will love and wear these shirts even when St. Patrick’s Day has passed!!
  7. Photo Booth Props– if you have a child or parent who is bitten by the take photos all the time bug then this one is for you!! The Dating Divas have cute FREE photo booth printables that you’ll absolutely love to use year after year after year!!
  8. Shamrock Hunt– grab some rocks (those pretty black ones from the dollar tree) or ones for free you know whatever you fancy and some green paint. Paint shamrocks on your rocks then hide them outside or around the house. Send your kiddos to find them and then when you’re done?? Take and hide them around the community for others to find and make your own leprechaun fun!!
  9. St Patrick’s Day Bingo– we’re a sucker for all things cute and this bingo doesn’t disappoint!! It’s bright and fun and will bring all sorts of fun to play with family, friends or even at school!! And why not use Lucky Charms as your place markers to up the fun??
  10. St. Patrick’s Day Don’t Eat Pete– Here at Pails of Love, we have every holiday edition of Don’t Eat Pete! So, check out our Oh Leprechauns edition that we promise won’t disappoint!!

  11. Rainbow Salsa– Who says that St. Patricks’ Day is just for kids?!! This salsa recipe is to die for!! And a perfect treat for the big kids in the room!!
  12. St Patricks Day Play-Doh– We think there is something so magical about this play-doh with its green glitter. We absolutely love how pretty this play-doh is!!
  13. Homemade Root Beer- We know that alcohol can be a big part of St. Patrick’s day but to keep this family friendly we though making homemade rootbeer with dry ice that makes it smoke would create lasting memories that your kids will remember for years to come!!
  14. Leprechaun Bait– Wishes and dishes isn’t that just the cutest name?! created this fun recipe to share. Want to trap that wee green lad or lass?? Then head over there to make this bait we promise it won’t steer you wrong!!
  15. Lime Sherbert Floats– Who doesn’t like pretty, simple, and easy?? This lime sherbert float ticks all those boxes!! Grab some lemon lime soda and some lime ice cream… and create your own frozen green treat that your kids will rant and rave over!!
  16. Four leaf clover kindness rocks– Go on a kindness rock hike!! Find a new trail you have never been on before and leave a gift in its place!! Step into the role of Hansel and Gretel and leave some four-leaf clover kindness rocks that we know will leave a pep in your family’s step!!
  17. Pot of Gold to drop off at friends– Grab some terra cotta pots and make your own pot of gold with black paint!! Fill with gold wrapped rolos and viola!! Pots of Gold to leave on friends’ steps!!
  18. Ding dong ditch– Sometimes, it can be lots of fun to be your own leprechaun and play a sweet trick on friends!! Don’t worry this is a nice trick that will share love with all those who are ding dong ditched!!
  19. Lime jello Rice Krispie treats– we’re starting to learn just how versatile jello really is!! This is a brilliant way to make your rice krispies green to bring a new flavor and twist to this classic treat!!
  20. St Patricks day scavenger hunt- The Dating Divas really slay at the finding bright fun printables game!! This St. Patricks Day hunt is just about the cutest and so simple to do!!
  21. Lucky charm cookies- All we can say is yummo!!! White chocolate cookies with marshmallows and lucky charms?! Yes please!!! We totally have a Texan in mind that we know who definitely would love this treat!!
  22. Gold slime- This really is one of the best ides for kids!! Make gold slime!! Its bright, cheery and beautiful. And hey it can even be a fun gift that the leprechaun leaves behind for those littles that tried to trap him!!
  23. Find your leprechaun name– What’s your leprechaun name?? Mine is Clover O’Knuckles!!
  24. Gold popcorn– I like simple and easy ideas. And this is one of them!! Pop some popcorn and grab some Wilton Food Spray in gold and spray it on your popcorn!! Viola!! It’s done and just as delicious to eat
  25. Anti pinch polish– Grab these cute printable tags and help a sister out so she can be saved from the annoying day of pinching!!
  26. Pinch proof protection card– Don’t want to wear green?? Well, the Dating Divas have you covered they have a pinch proof card to pin on your shirt, your dog’s collar wherever to keep the pinches at bay!!
  27. St Patrick’s Shamrock Yarn Garland– This shamrock yarn garland has the cutest farmhouse charm!! I love this it is SO so SO cute!!
  28. Chalk Pastel Shamrock Art– I did this in my class at school every year and the results are beautiful!! I think it’s time to create my own DIY cause really this art project really truly is that gorgeous!!
  29. Leprechaun Poop– Usually I am grossed out and don’t like talking about any kind of poop!! But this printable and cute green jelly bellies really truly make this Leprechaun poop worth it!!
  30. Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls– We love cinnamon rolls and these ones don’t disappoint!! Look at the cuteness that we are drooling over!!
  31. Diy Rainbow Wreath– This is so sweet, easy and simple to make!! Need some fun cheap holiday decor!! These won’t lead you astray!!
  32. Terracotta pot leprechaun hats– our favorite holiday decor is the stuff the littles make!! These are super cute and a fun way to pass a quiet afternoon!!
  33. Shrinking leprechaun hats (styrofoam cups)– Ready to create some magic?? Grab some styrofoam cups, color them with markers then place them in your oven!! Watch them shrink to leprechaun size!!
  34. Rainbow Waffles– These waffles are really just so pretty, and the whipped cream and sprinkles add the prettiest finishing touch!!
  35. Pipecleaner shamrock rings– don’t know what to do with all those pipe cleaners?? Grab the green ones and make these cute rings that your littles can share with their friends!!
  36. Shamrock hair clips– having girls as part of our crew it just didn’t feel right to leave this out!! Make some absolutely adorable easy diy felt shamrock hair clips that all the other moms will secretly be jealous of…(or con you into making some for them too!!)
  37. Shamrock hairstyles– lets not stop there!! Might as well add some fun St. Patrick’s Day hairstyles into the mix too!!
  38. Fruitloop cereal bars– Just like lucky charms this treat looks magically delicious. It kind of has us wondering if you can use lucky charms instead of fruit loops?? Our kitchen is a science lab here we come!!
  39. Rainbow candy bark– we like bright and fun and this treat covers all that and more!!
  40. M and m cookies– we have a sneaky suspicion that all these cookies will be gone the night the leprechaun comes to visit!!
  41. Shamrock dip– Are you a chip fan?? Well grab some of those golden salty nuggets and add this dip to really be the hit of the party!!
  42. Pudding cups– these look too good to even eat!! Will you be making this pretty treat this St Patrick’s Day??
  43. Rainbow science– It’s definitely okay to be smart!! So lets play scientists and create some magic with rainbows!!
  44. Grow a rainbow– Have you read our international days of women and girls in science?? We need to create a magic for our girlies that they will remember the magic and fun of science!!
  45. Rainbow donuts– Grab some white glazed donuts, fruity pebbles, and shreaded coconut to make this pretty colorful treat!!
  46. Rainbow grilled cheese– these are so fun we make them every year!! It’s so magical to pull them apart as a fun rainbow treat!!
  47. Shamrock Pretzel Pops– Pretel and candy melts!! Yum Yum!! These would be a fun challenge for your tweens and teens to make for friends!!
  48. Rainbow Bead Necklaces– Bring some fun colors into that day of green with these absolute cute necklaces that are sure to be a hit!!
  49. Coffee Filter Rainbows– these are so pretty we might leave them up in our rainbow and unicorn room for some really pretty decor!!
  50. DIY Felt Rainbow Garland– rainbows really are so pretty and this DIY felt rainbow garland is no exception!!! Absolutely cute and adorable!!
  51. DIY Yarn Rainbows– Recently, we stumbled upon these super pretty rainbows!!! We just can’t wait to make our own. St. Patrick’s Day can’t come fast enough!!
  52. St. Patrick’s Leprechaun Houses– We love all these fun gingerbread house ideas that are popping up for the different holidays!! These ones are made with graham crackers which is a total score!!
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