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5 Little Bats Subtraction Activity

5 Little Bats is another cute Halloween poem that your students will truly love. This little poem reminds me of Teacher Tipster’s 5 Little Turkeys that we posted about not too long ago. So if your students are ready to start subtraction before Thanksgiving rolls around… or you’re looking for some more practice… well look no further and download this 5 Little Bats Subtraction Activity.

It was just recently that I was introduced to this 5 Little Bats poem and so if you’re not familiar with it, I totally got your back!! The words go like this:

Because this poem easily sets up subtraction equations included in our printable set are numbers to show the math equations of 5-1=4 and so on.

We also included in our set a printable that allows your students to have their own math sheet to solve the equations. On their printable sheet, they will have little bats that they can color and cut out. These bats can help them follow along in an I do, We do, You do activity that allows your students to follow the poem and solve the math equations at the same time!!

If you are loving how adorable this printable is and want to use our FREE subtraction equation sheet you can grab it by signing up below to get exclusive access to this printable!!

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