In a time of unknown and certainty; give the gift of wonder and awe through the world of play

Pails of Love Mission Statement

Pails of Love is built on the passion for the joy, awe and wonder of early childhood.  We believe young children have the right to play, to be collaborators in their own learning and to dream their own dreams.   Play based teaching and learning is a living, breathing art form that requires adults who advocate for more play and less text book learning during a child’s early years.
In our experience, every child is different and deserves the right to take ownership and have a voice over their learning and play experiences.  Play is an art form that absolutely requires dedicated intentionality and heart.

The Magic of Play all begins with you...

The world needs you.

Your unique approach and support to play based magic.

It is time to make your mark and show the world the joys and wonderment of play.

You teach and parent because it’s your calling.  We create this play based  magical world for you.

It is our gift.

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Your child will be taught by a Certified Elementary Teacher  who:

-spent all her post secondary training focused on Early Childhood and best practices in Early Learning

-promotes play based learning activities 
-will host Live Zoom classes so your preschool child can make actual preschool friends

Join in the fun  and magic of play based learning-
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How Our Pails of Love Virtual Preschool Classes Work!!

Want to know about our preschool program?

Our online preschool classes will prepare your child with the school readiness skills needed to succeed using God's word while still having fun!

Our curriculum was built around the concept of "whole child" learning.  Our lessons will focus on developing your child's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills through PLAY and a wholesome Christian Perspective.  We will teach your child about gratitude and recognizing the hand of God in their everyday lives.   

 We can’t wait for your child to join our online preschool classes! 

  • Recommended Ages (by August 1): 2.5-6 
    School Year:
      Our video lessons are made to be utilized for a 10 month school year to follow your family's public school or homeschool schedule. 


    How Pails of Love Virtual Preschool Works

    Over the course of the school year which for your family can run from August to May, or September to June your family will be able to access 40 weekly themes.  

    That is 160 lessons that will help your child learn about the amazing world around them through play based learning and Godly focus.  

    The Sunday night before your child's school week your family will be able to acess the 4 video on-demand lessons for the next weekly theme.  Lessons run Monday to Thursday leaving Friday to be a day for catch up, craft day, or accessing our virtual field trip recommendations!!

      Each preschool lesson will be based on a weekly theme where we will learn a weekly scripture verse, read a story, sing a song, learn about that  week's theme and practice numbers, letters, and shapes through games, songs, and rhymes!

    Each Core Preschool Lesson is about 30 minutes long.  


    Included in each week's preschool theme is a weekly newsletter that includes craft templates for the week, snack ideas, and extra play based learning opportunities to incorporate during your child's school week.


    Have older kids and don't know what to do with your younger ones??  Use the 30 minute video lesson to hash out a quick lesson with your bigger kids and then offer a play based activity from our list of ideas for the week.  


    Don't worry homeschool fams, we've got your back!!


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Ready to incorporate activities to engage your child in play??

Head over to the blog where you can access simple, quick and effective learning opportunities to use immediately! Like this Monster Race game...

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You're never alone

You are not alone to advocate for play based experiences for your student(s) or child(ren).  We are joining together as parents and educators who not only live but advocate a childhood that is focused on play based learning!!  You can be part of it too!!  You're always welcome!!