In a time of unknown and certainty; give the gift of wonder and awe through the world of play

The Magic of Play all begins with you...

The world needs you.

Your unique approach and support to play based magic.

It is time to make your mark and show the world the joys and wonderment of play.

You teach and parent because it’s your calling.  We create this play based  magical world for you.

It is our gift.

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Our Guiding Principles

The time of childhood is precious and your child should have the right to play more and take ownership of discovering the world around them.   

Pails of Love Preschool is built on the passion for the joy, awe and wonder of early childhood.  We believe young children have the right to play, to be collaborators in their own learning and to dream their own dreams.    

Play based teaching and learning is a living, breathing art form that requires adults who advocate for more play and less text book learning during a child’s early years.

In our experience, every child is different and deserves the right to take ownership and have a voice over their learning and play experiences.  Play is an art form that absolutely requires dedicated intentionality and heart.

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You're never alone

You are not alone to advocate for play based experiences for your student(s) or child(ren).  We are joining together as parents and educators who not only live but advocate a childhood that is focused on play based learning!!  You can be part of it too!!  You're always welcome!!